YUN strats and combos

I think Yun is a fun decent character and I dont see much people playing him but I decided to pic him up and mess around with him and heres what i found out

he is a real easy character to combo with in any groove his standard lp,lk,mp,ZH or TK i havent tried the mp TK that launches them into the air i think you maybe able to falow up with a standing hk

or lp,lk,mp Sourai Rengeki
or------------Youhou then f,df,d mp(TK) then mk d,df,f-k

this one only works in P grove i thikn and only in a corner
lp,lk,mp (ZH)d,df,f HP then Hiten Souryuu-Jin= D,DB,B(x2)+K(lvl-3)(air)

(near oponent) standing HP then Raishin MahhaKen=D,DF,F(x2)+K
well it be grate to hear some more combos and starts from other people.

I gots another Q what groove should i use him in i like A cuz its like his Genjin in 3rd strike but i dont know any good dameging combos C is pretty good but my Fav is N any advice on wich groove i shuold use and why??

P-Groove only

L.p, L.k, M.p, qcf+HP 1sec XX qcbx2 + K

I love that one

C-Groove only

(close)HP-XXlv.2 Raishin Mahhakken:QCF,QCF-K then super cancel into lv.1 Sourai Rengeki:QCF,QCF-P-----works beast in a corner

this one is koo cuz both yun and yan hit the oponent kinda like double team action you know.

It’s not worth it to cancel into the sourai rengeki. Instead, at the last hit of the raishin mahhakken, do an HP shoulder, launch with mk, then sj. rh or, sj.fp.

Or do short dive kick, relaunch.

ever try yun in k? too funny. his supers are godly and tooo easy to land.

combos: 1. jump in fierce kick and cancel into his air super
2. grab special, cancel into his launch super, lp shoulder,
standing mk, jump and mk dive

a few words of advice. if you’re going to use yun, you have to play mix up with him. use his grab special when you have meter, dive kicks should be abused, crouching lp is your friend, use his medium kick overhead, and counter everything with his dash punch. be random. it pays off too well with him.

ANYone have some good A groove combos…all i got is palm palm palm in a corner does good damage but i find it kinda hard to set up.:frowning:

It’s not worth it to cancel into the sourai rengeki. Instead, at the last hit of the raishin mahhakken, do an HP shoulder, launch with mk, then sj. rh or, sj.fp.

Or do short dive kick, relaunch. **

yea but i just like how the other one looks :smiley:

good thing to do is after any Knock down you should dash to the other side and start doing C.lp to continue doing the lp ,lk,mp, QCF+Hp combo

Yun has a few a groove combos. the best mid screen combos is:

Dive kick, activate, command grab, s.strong, s.roundhousexxxdp+mp, (qcb+hpxxxdp+hp)xn, once in the corner do a few qcb+p, just b4 meter runs out s.forward, dp+mp into what ever.

Yun has a couple more but i’m too lazy to post them right now, i’ll put them up later

His auto combo (mp fp b+fp) still works pretty good off of a dive kick.

my combo

just some thing i came up with on my own one day… Yun… is a real dissappointment in terms of comparing him to his 3S self…but then again… he’s still got some good stuff

here’s my combo, s.lp,,, mp TK, youhou, mp Tetsuzan Kou, HP Zesshou Hohou

6502 damage :slight_smile:

my combo

i highly doubt anyone would get hit by yun’s jumping lk while they are on the ground, u should use the dive kick instead.

my combo

You cant combo into an MP shoulder.


Plus, the damage on that is kinda shitty.

A simple shoulder launch, fk, sj cancel qcbx2+K is 7000-some.

Or a c.fp, youhou, lp/mp shoulder, fk, sj cancel, j.lp, j.fp does a bit mroe than the last combo. And if you can do the lk dive kick juggle, even more.

But really, Yun’s not about huge-ass damaging combos. he’s about annoying the shit out of people with his bnbs.

It’s possible to combo into strong shoulder. You have to counter hit with the first hit of stand fierce to do it though. The setup I use is to fake a RC command grab after a low short and do the fierce instead and hope I get counter hit on the fierce.

I usually do dive kick and press towards+fierce to throw. If s.fierce comes out i cancel into dp+mp. If the dp+mp is blocked yun is still safe, or rather i have never been punished for it, yet

Well, that still doesnt mean the combos works.


seeing what ed ma said, OWNED.

ok anyhow, it seems fairly easy to get people in the command grab. i started to use him like a month or two ago, and i luv this guy. he’s so damn fun to play with. if only he wasn’t such a weak piece of shit…

ok i play yun in C or A. let’s talk about C.

if i get them in the command grab and i have lvl2, i do a st.hp (hits twice) xx qcfx2+mp. i’m sure u guys know what to do after that.

if i manage to hit them with a mp shoulder, and i have lvl2: i do his, sj.cancel, then d/, after landing do his qcfx2mp, cancel after first hit into mp shoulder, and u know what to do from there.
i know it might not take off much, but it takes off around 5000, which is good enough for me.

NOW, if i have a lvl3 and i manage to hit em with the shoulder, i, sj.cancel and d/, then when i land i do his qcbx2+p, and then u know how to juggle from there. this thing takes off a pretty big chunk i’d say. u have to get his mk out right after u recover from the shoulder, and u have to d/f lk as early as u can when he jumps up. the timing is more strict compared to the one for his lvl2 cancel above.

u can also do these two combos if u hit them in the air with a shoulder, and it’s MUCH easier this way. if i can kinda anticipate if they’re goin to jump, then i go for the lp shoulder. if it hits, it’s juggle time.

also, in the corner i would st.fp (2 hits) xx qcfx2+mk, cancel into mp/fp shoulder a split second after the last hit, and proceed with the juggle. u’ll probly land this only if they’re open or dizzy, but interestingly this happens a lot to the opponents while in the corner.

also if u get the chance, try to hop over bodies, that shit helps a lot, well i think it does. then when they get used to it, just hop and stay on the same side.

well, i guess that’s it for now, maybe i’ll write more later. hope any of this helped…