Yun pad users?

Sup everyone. I havent played 3rd strike ina very long time. I recently saw some very nice yun videos and it sparked my interest. Im just a casual player and ive been using a street fighter pad (the ones w/ R1 and L1 on the top of the controller next to X,O etc) ive been trying to do the 1,2,3 combo w/ yun into the sa3 and have some questions. Do i just have to do it insanely fast? i can get it occasionally but even after that i have trouble connecting st strong to start the combo. Any advice would be appreciated, thx.

You know, it was trying to do that very combo that was the thing that convinced me to get a joystick. I havent looked back since :slight_smile: Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure that it can be done on a pad.

Actually, I JUST figured this out yesterday. My bet is that you are trying to do it too fast. That was my mistake. So here is what I discovered.

Start with your basic target combo: LP, LK, MP. Try this a few times and after you do MP, watch your opponent stagger back. This gives you the appx # of frames that you can fit SA3 in. The trick is to briefly pause after the MP and then do Geneijin. If you try it this way, I’m certain that you can get it.

Now the next complicating factor is how to connect c. MP, f + HP (assuming you’re near a corner). Im having some trouble here. Any advice (aside from practice practice practice?)

yea…i mean in training its ok, but in the match is where i faulter. also w/ the C MP to f +hp…i always end up doing the dash punch instead, and usually get punished hard. Ill keep practicing tho :slight_smile:

o btw how was your transition to the stick? my friend and i are thinkin about building some in the near future.

I think he mean CLOSE MP not crouching =P

I use a pad more often than a stick and I’m perfectly able to do any and all combos with Yun (except kara palming :sweat:)

Just after the 1-2-3 and the activation, hold forward and press mp, hp (in the corner) or hold forward and press mp, then down, down-forward +mp for the shoulder tackle. It just takes execution and the fact that you should probably slow it down a bit.

Training is where you hone your skills. Specifically, work on getting your execution down in practice until it is second nature. Get it to where its like throwing a fireball and you dont have to even think about doing it. Do this on the default setting in practice mode until you can do it on reaction.

When you can do this like its nothing, the next step is to try and incorporate this on a moving attacking target. In practice, go to the dummy setting and change it from “stand” to “CPU.” Here you should practice landing target combo -> geneijin. Strategy is important here. Look on the Yun boards here, there is bound to be something you can use. Actually, one way you might be able to land it is just c. mk xx SAIII. I dont know for sure if you can link c. MP, f + HP though.

Transition from pad to stick is like losing control of your hands. You tell them to do something, but they just stand there. It was pretty hard to get used to the feel of hte joystick. The button layout is just wonderful though. No more remapping buttons or using those stupid shoulder buttons. Have you ever tried doing a dragon punch, or even cancelling anything into a super with L1? It’s ridiculous, because both your thumb and your index are moving at the same time, and your index finger is what is holding the controller in place on your left hand and so you’re moving your thumb to try and do the motion for the super but you cant get it off because your index finger is holding the controller in place to begin with. It was pretty frustrating. I’m sure there are people out there that can do it, but I don’t have to worry about that anymore because the button layout on a pad is the way it is in the arcade. Also, dong EX, throw, taunt moves where you have to use your thumb to hit both buttons simultaneously was rather annoying, and if you ever play Tekken, hitting square + circle is even worse. True, you could hold the controller in your lap and hover 4 fingers over the 4 buttons mock arcade style, but your fingers feel cramped, and the spacing of the buttons is just horrible. Again, there are people out there that do it well I’m sure, but I have no intention of being one of them.

Where I found the learning curve to be steeper is on the actual joystick itself. Fireball and DP motions are simple enough, but its the super motions (QCF x2) that were the biggest problem for me. You really have to start from scratch and get the feel of the joystick down to know how it “feels” to input this motion. Also, doing Yang’s rekka-ken like move with the QCF + P x 3 is something that I am still adjusting to. Perhaps the most difficult thing for me though, is doing QCF x2 really fast on reaction. I’m still trying to master that motion.

Ultimately, the stick takes some getting used to, but I found it to be worth it :tup:. I’ll never go back to a pad again ( esp. an XBOX d-pad. That thing is worthless :tdown:).

Billy Kane uses pad at tourneys everynow and then.

I feel bad for him though. Cause Daigo beat him on a ps2 d-pad when Billy was using like this 150+ dollar modded stick. xD

Where did it say that Daigo actually beat Billy Kane on a PS2 pad? So you are saying, he was going from Japan to France, and they really let him play on a PS2 pad? :sweat:

I used to have that problem but the problem was whlie I was doing 1 2 3 I was trying to incorparate the super motion with it.

obviously that doesnt work, so you have to hit jab short strong and then input the super.

transition from remote to joystick is no problem for me but my execution is still not that great so I when I used to practice yun, id use the 1 2 3 xx dp xx sa3.
its alot easier to connect and better in a block string.

you should practice with that method and then when you get used to yun and get better, then you should practice that.

I play pad way more than stick. Just have to keep some stick skills since pads aren’t always applicable.

I do it just like it is: chain then super. I’ve noticed though that nowaday I somehow instinctively start the super motion during the chain and it comes out fine.
Probably some fastest-possible input that just has rubbed on me during my playing time.

Anyway it’s perfectly do-able on pad. KOF and other games with some fast f,b,f motions are harder for pad players but other wise it’s BS that you couldn’t play good on pad (even VF Akira is very playable on pad, just to point out a so-called extreme. It just takes practice, of course.).

I think he’s not talking about the French BK, because BK never plays with a pad, and
Daigo brought his own arcade stick when he came.

Anyway, that was a funny story :rofl:

update: only after 2-3 days of practice i can do the 1,2,3 into the super. It really is about the timing, and waiting until that 3rd strike connects.

some what off topic but after our regular weekend of SF3s i found i have alot of trouble against turtles and found myself trying to do the 1,2,3 way to often Any strategies? After loosing a few matches, i could see i was getting no where and tried to mix up my attacks w/ highs n lows, but found i was gettin punished on the regular. any tips are greatly appreciated.

another question is about activating your super while you are not close to your opponent or if you mistakenly start GJ…how do you proceed with your attack from there?
o btw, what are you guys bnb combos? just wondering, thanks again for all the help

Most good players won’t get hit by the 1-2-3 all too often and most likely you will have to activate it outside of a string. This is where you do what you did and mix it up with highs and low. You want to make one of your pokes hit and then proceed to launch them such as maybe a standing far fierce into a shoulder or cr. lk > palm
Eventually though, players against Yun find that the best option is to block low since that negates a lot of Yun’s pokes and options. This is where you tick them into blocking and then do the command grab and go from there.

Bnb? Errmm, the most basic ones work the best.

cr. mp > strong dash punch
close mp > hp > b+hp
close mp > lk > jab dash punch
close mk > dash punch

And some other ones lol. I’m not a Yun expert though >_>

Well I’m glad that you finally got the timing down with the target combo.
Since I’m still trying to learn Yun, the best advice I can give is to:

  1. read every single post on these Yun forums (theres a lot of really good advice!)

  2. do a search for Yun + 3rd strike on youtube. Nitto is one of the best Japanese Yun players and you can really learn alot just by watching what he do.

Nuki plays yun?

But yeah, search for nitto, he’s a complete player, KO has always been the best but he has a style that maybe hard to understand. And don’t forget pyrolee


My bad. Nuki plays Chun li … If you ever wanna learn Chun though… lol