Yun Frame Data Comparison: 3s vs. AE

A lot of people call Yun broken… what is interesting though is looking at his frame advantages and disadvantages compared to 3s. In some areas, he’s actually been nerfed, while he has received buffs in rather odd places. Most notably are his punches in 3s, which are actually significantly more frame-advantageous than in AE. His EX Zesshou Houhou buff is especially interesting in ae, because it is a complete reversal of how it used to be (-2 vs plus 2).

AE Yun:

3s Yun: Fighter III Third Strike

I would prefer him to be more like his 3s version, including the frame disadvatages, but also with some of the nerfs in AE (maybe to a lesser degree, a nerfed Yun isn’t that fun, see a groove cvs2 yun)… However he also is top due to a lot of his competition being nerfed pretty hard. Would like to see him vs say, Super Guile, Super Ryu, or Super Cammy.