YRSF Presents: "Marvel and Mortal Mayhem" - Sun, May 15th, Results

Greetings all,

Another YRSF event complete!

A sincere thanks to everyone who came out to the “Great White North” to participate in the tournaments. I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves, turned the self-feel dial to 11, and most importantly learned to appreciate fan service and respect the pipe.

A special thanks to Microplay Video Games in Newmarket for allowing us to stampede through their store for 8 hours on a Sunday and also providing some sick prizes for the Raffle.

Props and thank you to Drekken and ESC for doing a fantastic job on the Stream, and Omega Collectables and Striker Apparel for prize donations.

Shout outs to the YRSF North crew for always coming together and helping Old Man Omega out with menial, trivial, and mundane tasks. You guys rule.

Shout outs to Heroes World for lending me 2 Monitors and speakers.

Thank you to everyone who came in from out of the area to compete - shout outs to STC, Sauga, R.Hill, Toronto, Thornhill, Barrie, Hamilton, Markham, and more!

Of course I must give props where props are due and thank my wonderful wife Rosa for always coming out to support my events.

Congrats again to all the winners!

See you next time.

Pictures of the event and bracket images will be posted here:

Mortal Kombat
16-man bracket

**1 ne0russel
2 shugi
3 hibikster **
4 gohan
5 JadenThunder
5 DarkDeath
7 Rougelike
9 Matt
9 Don
9 Tyler
9 Buckshot
13 dafleks
13 Beyond Human

32-man bracket

**1 white_r
2 Rebello
3 Blitzman **
4 disgrunted goa
5 tee-vo
5 Nick Cam
7 ne0russel
7 Oldman Omega
9 Kross
9 Chachaman
9 hibikster
9 Legato
13 dafleks
13 gohan
13 RDK
13 Farhad
17 Tough Business
17 Jing
17 Black Knight
17 piXels
17 Tofu warrior
17 Mike

great event. hope to see the next one soon.

rebelo birthday factor!

ggs to all. Had a great time tonight.

this games ass

Thanks to everyone involved in making this tourney possible. I had fun. A special shout out to Hidey for organizing this event and the owner of Microplay for the venue. Oh and thanks to Drekken for streaming.

Now sure if anyone noticed but there were random lags on the streaming station. I dropped a few combos and I’m sure Nickcam noticed as well. I’m not sure if it was the stream or the monitor that was causing it but you need watch out next time. Remember, dropping a combo in a game like mvc3 or mk can be disastrous.

Overall it was good and hope you be back again.


ps: washrooms!!!

I saw the lag on the steam station too, during your match with Nickcam it lagged a few frames while you were attacking with Wesker. I think that might have been the 360 system itself that the stream was running on. It’s a 360 that Microplay uses to run games on the main T.V all day every day. We’ll make sure to put a fresh 360 on stream next time; seeing all important matches are played there.

Shout outs to Rebelo and that Birthday factor.
Shout outs to NeoRussel and that ego flaunting in MK. :smiley:
Shout outs to white_r and dem sick zoning skills.
Shout outs to RDK and that commentary about the correlation of asian descent and skill in fighting games.
Shout outs to the surprise player and that sick ammy, Goa.
Shout outs to Brian and Kevin at Microplay for being awesome hosts.
Shout outs to ESC and Drekkenz for the awesome stream. Dat 180 People peak.
Shout outs to Hideyuki, YRSF, and Rosa for another amazing event, gdlk hotdogs, and sketchy raffle winners :D. Buckshot was gdlk with those raffle tickets.
Shout outs to EVERYONE that showed up, participated, and helped out.
Shout outs to Toryuken.


Thanks Jack. We’ll look into this to ensure the issue is not repeated.

That Stream TV was funny at times.
It flicks in the wrong time. Then stopped as well.

Thanks to OmegaCollectibles for a great event. Hidey and his wife with the prizes are always top notch. I seriously thought this tournament was close to Bayview and Donmills. To my surprise, it takes 50 mins to get there. 1 hour and 10 mins yesterday cause of traffic.

Thanks to Kevin for letting us use MicroPlay. Hoping he gets that needed vacation I heard him talk about.

To the players I played in MK9. FANSERVICE! Great games and hoping that you guys kick my MK ass soon.
To the MvC3 players I played, great games. I lost to a TTT Danger Room participant. I’ll take it.
To the great stream and commentary of Drekken. Don’t tell anyone about my strategy of letting them win first giving them hope then taking it away from them.
To the people I had dinner with after. You guys are jokes. I’m sure that waitress would have said “it” if you guys didn’t yell out.


Fun Tourney. Well run. I had a good time.Congrats to all the placers. Yeah, the monitor that was used for streaming would suffer one lag spike every match. Droped combo’s were the result of that in some matches :frowning:

Great tournament! had lots of fun, congrads to the winners and runners up, and thanks to everyone that made this happen, see ya next time

GGs to everyone I played. I had a lot of fun. Big thanks to Hidey and co. for organizing and Microplay for hosting.

Agreed on the stream station lag. I think everyone was dropping combos on it.

Videos are posted : ESC Youtube

Awesome event, Alot of fun and it was great to hang out with everyone! Thanks for the fun times

Yo TO let me know when the next tourney is… wanna come down for some mvc3. :rock: Goodshit to everyone who got it in.

Turns out the lag/frame-drop issue was with the 360 console at the Stream station as it was happening at Microplay last night during casuals.

My sincerest apologies to all those who had matches on Stream and suffered from the wrath of inferior hardware. This won’t happen again.

@AMinorThreat - YRSF will be hosting another tournament in TO area some time in July. 1st weekend of June is MATVIII in Montreal hosted by MTLSF, hope to see you there!

GGs and thanks to everyone, this was a great event to get to for the first tournament I participated in. Lot of fun and I’m looking forward to future events.