Youtube Uploaders are dead

xblackvegetax has “retired” from the uploading job, which only leaves me relying on YogaFlame24 for watching uploads, and we gotta really thank that guy for effort. but I really feel that we need these replay channels more, talk about your thoughts about this here.

YogaFlame’s channel is enough for me when it comes to daily online replays.
it’s ok we still have continuity, we’ve been quite spoiled in the last 3 years

PS: shoutouts to LordAborigine! :smiley:

the sf4 youtube scene has been dead for ages. =\

stop following the same people and check out others…you’ll never know what gems you’ll find. There’s a juri player out there whos youtube is caveato. He posts seldomly but whenever he does post its technology that I havent seen anyone else exploring.

Where is his shine? Where is his play?

Genkibot is the top Juri in Australia. his gameplay is so good and hes working harder and harder to be solid…was his match with momochi at shadowloo showdown streamed? No, even though he took 100% of his health with Feng Shui Engine. Wheres his play? Wheres his burn?

If you follow the same uploaders, who upload the same people constantly (granted these are really good players), the youtube community stays dead. With that being said, check out my channel, I think my uploads are very good,although i’m just a juri player

This thread title really grabbed my attention. I’m glad everybody’s okay. :sad:

awwww. blackvegeta was that dude. at least we have yogaflame for now…

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3am posts while hanging off the side of my bed. Thanks. :3.

But still. Sad to see black vegeta go, but I’m sure someone will take his place.

OP, forgot the thread you made last week already? For shame.

Don’t forget to check out game-acho and zero3japan for arcade tournament, casuals, gachi, kumite and ranbat footage.

Go to youtube, type in ‘SF4’ in the search box, and subscribe to everybody that has a bunch of SF4 vids in their playlist. Win.

I follow Yogaflame24 and SSF4evo. YF24 because he’s the top guy in this area right now. As for SSF4evo, he’s not that popular but he’s growing. And he covers the PS3 side of things which a lot of people ignore. Besides that I like his spirit, despite the lack of attention from most SF4 viewers, he kept putting in a lot of hard work to upload quality matches.

But yeah, it would help if viewers would loan there support to more than just the top guy. So this area can continue thriving rather than stagnate like it has for a while now.

I thought the OP looked familiar

Also to refute a point made in the OP, looks like blackvegeta is still uploading for now. lol

He did retire, there was a message on his profile and everything. But he’s back now, so it’s cool.

blackvegeta is still uploading