You're borin' the crap outta me~ Cody video thread

Stabin’ in video format


Cody vs Guy


Guy (RiceSRK) vs Cody (Justin Wong)

The only two I care about.

Some Alpha stuff, just because.


More Guy/Cody Madness

I’d remove that alpha video. It doesn’t contribute at all.

V-ism cody won’t help anyone.

Eh, it’s Cody, although you have a point…but still, I think I’m going to leave it, we might still have some alpha people here :slight_smile:

Glad how the video doesn’t even describe how to use the combos.

It says this was made by Nibor. Maybe he’ll use Cody. Ive seen him on the SRK forums.

Eh, they’ll figure it out. Btw, that avy is adorable.


Cody vs Cody @ 2:55 mark


Guy vs Cody

The alpha gives an insight. If you can kinda disect it and take all the pros/cons, you can see them in ssf4. Look at alot of the videos and take away the v-ism bs, cody has a mean ass corner game pressure just like bisons sk loop. He has decent anti airs and pretty weird cross over just like abel. The cons would be his wake up game and his walk speed, but the dash kinda makes up for it if you can kinda see, it’s pretty fast. On top of that his new zonk punch could be taken into consideration, meaning that it could be used as some sort of wake up game. So Nikkowar you did a fine job imo.

Cody’s Intro.

I dunno where you guys got the idea that HK RK FADC Ultra 1 would only work in the corner from…

LOL@ jMK, cLP, cLP, cMPxxCU only doing 187 damage while jMK, sHKxxHK RK did 220 plus the confirm FADC into ultra.

Maybe from the people who played the game and told us that?

Smart guy.

Except it was tested in VIDEO out of the corner back in CES.
And who said it only worked in the corner?

Acting like a prick over the internet to people for no reason makes you cool.

note that they did that combo vs an opponent with very little health left, so scaling made the combo do less damage.

Here is everything I have found, some may have already been posted, my apologies:

Mno of SRK testing out Cody, good with important stuff not in other vids:


Random match vids:


Newer matches:


Oh that’s true. I forgot about that other scaling. Thanks for the 1up.

Criminal upper won’t be much of a victim to scaling, since it does such small damage in its multiple hits anyways.

Not sure if this counts but this is the intro video for Cody and the other new characters.

New Cody vids


Probably nothing new also you can hear his theme