Your worst Habits with Poison and how to get rid of them?

Every one of us has essentially bad habits that he used without even thinking. I for myself has a bad habit of back dashing too much, This makes me lose ground and become easy to jump in on. I don’t know how to exactly get rid of this without focusing too much on it.

The other one is using the MP button probably a lot more than i should. This is because i was a Cody main for 4 years and i still use him a ton in USF4. Almost every move including MP with Cody is very good (f.Mp , cl.Mp ,, , is also good ) so i tend to use the MP by instinct instead of sometimes using the MK which could yield better results in some situations ( Frame trapping with and footsies with cr.Mk ).

I also very rarely do reversals, again a habit probably due to my time with Cody too much.

So what is the best way to improve myself and get rid of these habits ?

That’s not really a bad habit. You just know when to reversal. mp is good to use to frame trap after lp. Not a good trap but it can beat lows.

My bad habit and probably a lot of other poisons is to backdash and fireball at the beginning of the match.

One of my many bad habits is risking a ex fireball from jump ranges for the chip or pressure =(

dp fadc on block

I will say that it isn’t really much of a bad habit because some players will be looking to focus through your fireballs.

You mean on a block string or something because reversal DP FADC especially with backdash isn’t really that bad, unless ofcourse it is to the point that you become easy to bait.

I mean dp fadc forward that gets blocked, doesn’t get punished frequently but it’s -5 and costs 2 bars and if read can cost me the match

Throwing fireballs incorrectly…

wish i had that bad habit