Your signature win pose?

No, I’m not referring to the character poses in the game, I’m talking about your personal pose when competing against other players. Let’s face it, you can’t help but rub the loser’s face in it with a variety of taunts. Do you raise both arms in the air and nod to an invisible crowd? Do you strike home the winning hit with a “BOOM-shacka-lacka!” and exchange high fives all around? Maybe you goad the loser with clumsy joypad dropping and ‘nurgh-nurgh’ grunts. Or perhaps a gentle knowing nod and a wry smile should be sufficient to raise their hackles. Whatever the style, grounding your opponent’s nose in the dirt is a refined art. What’s your signature pose? :slight_smile:

This is the stupidist thread I have ever seen.

Good job.

Because it doesn’t discuss fighting tactics? Come on, where’s your sense of showmanship?

When the Game says…“PERFECT”

I tea bag that mess.


Sent special one, fly and then keep tapping down.

^you know it’s spelled T-bag right?

Signature win pose:
Wipe the sweat off my forehead.

Actually, it’s called “tea bagging” not “t bagging”

It comes from the act of lowering the tea sack into the water to make tea. You “dunk” your balls/tea bag.

lol, “t-bag”? wtf is that, some kind of ghetto nickname?

No this thread is important I don’t usual feel the need to celebrate…but some times it just can’t be helped so…

win pose: Thumbs up turned to a thumbs down.

Its was really lame at first but it really grew on me.

Actually, that souds rather amusing. I’ll have to try that. As for me, I love flip my foes the bird after besting them and spank my arse anime-style. That’s when I wake up in a trash can with a bloody nose.

Like I said, it’s a refined art.

You must be retarded.