Your Reaction Time

Just wanted to do a quick poll of the regulars here. Much respect to you gentlemen and was curious what the average reaction time for Gouken players is. I have some theories on why we ended up playing this particular character, but it could just be bullshit. From what I understand 1 frame = 17 milliseconds. LCD screens (most computer monitors) have at least one frame of latency, so just take away 1 frame.

My average when sober: 260 milliseconds = 13 frames
when drunk it goes up to: 289 milliseconds = 16 frames

I wanted to understand why I couldn’t react to Sakura’s jump in in time, which led me to this idea.

Also, a lot of fighting game experts have pointed out that there is the additional factors of doubt, which slows reaction time, and the time it takes for the brain to tell the hand/fingers to coordinate to do something as complicated as an EX-tatsu from a blocking position. I’d say that’s an additional 3-5 frames at the least.

It also doesn’t account for things like overheads which have deceptive animations which further reduce your reaction time. I’ve just been thinking awfully hard lately on why the game feels very unfair at points and so gratifying at others. Essentially when a fight doesn’t have of these reaction time dependent gimmicks, it is my clear choice for most satisfying tactical game I’ve ever played. When it gets corrupted with impossible to block options I get a feeling like I’ve been betrayed by my best friend.

any situation where there’s multiple possible outcomes and you have to choose your action based on the outcome puts the reaction time way higher than this. the only situation where you’ll approach your reaction on this test is when you’re sitting there buffering just waiting for them to hit a button. which of course they can bait out your response by just wiggling or whiffing low short or whatever.

Ya, I’m gonna go ahead an agree that it’s more about decision making speed and efficient fine motor skills rather than base reaction times.

The reaction time you are measuring is known as “twitch” reaction time or a reaction where there is one and only one outcome. When you have to make a decision between option A or option B it takes your brain some extra time to process the information. Simple reaction times on average are around 220 ms (13 frames), but choice reaction times are closer to 380 (22 frames). In an actual fight your reactions will be anywhere between 16-22 frames depending on if you were looking for something or not.

Something like this might be a better measure:

Thanks! Yes I agree with all of that as I said:

I am curious if Gouken players tend to have slower than average reaction times leading us to a more paced character that doesn’t revolve entirely on confirming and reacting.

Nope, I’ve seen very good reactions gouken players. You just develop that when you play, it is something that you acquire on the long road…

I still find the absolute hardest reaction to be EX tatsu on the footsie range jump in. I can sit there and repeat over and over “It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming. There’s no way he’s dashing at me. He’s gonna jump…He’s gonna jump… he’s gonna jump now… wait for it…aw and he jumped and I just stood there and blocked. Tick throw. Now I’m dead… fuck.”


how else do i get a guy to follow me as i back towards a corner , only to have me stop and and mp fb him to knockdown them i ex flip him w ambiguous dive kick and voila , NOW hes in the corner, with no idea im going to gflip throw for the kill!

My own problems with EX tatsu is the fact that when I’m under pressure trying to do the tatsu on reaction from crouch block position, I press the kicks too soon before I finish the motion, resulting in me doing a c.MK instead. Sometimes it works, but when I mash the tatsu (and sadly I do that a lot) I end up with a c.MK xx EX Tatsu and that won’t connect reliably. I’ve had the c.MK hit only to whiff the EX tatsu and needless to say the punishes to that are painful.

Dude that happens to me all time. I was about to post a question in the “Ask a Question” forum about how to improve on this problem… My gameplay is beyond solid otherwise, but I CANNOT FUCKING EXECUTE on that EX tatsu anti-air in the middle of a heated footsie battle. It’s the stupidest thing and it’s pissing me off SO MUCH.

How in the hell can you practice this? I need a training partner to just jump in on me randomly every 10-15 seconds or something while I move around and block. Recording the training dummy it gets too predictable.

which console you play in?

PC but I have a PS3 too I just never play on it…

Ummmmmm… I can help you con ps3 if you want to

That would be amazing actually. I’m still working on it in training mode to correct my inputs, but will come round the Shin Sho Dojo when I’m ready to waste your time :wink: Thanks man.


Got a message today “Stop waiting for me to attack” lol. That’s what I get for trying to test my EX Tatsu reactions. Scrubs. sigh.

try to position yourself with the right spacing, and do to bait the jump in…

in between fireballs.

Everybody will complain, I’ve one for doing sweep after sweep and the guy called it a scrub move and I was laughing because he got so mad. So Ryu can spam all day, rose can spam all day, Sakura can spam tatsu all day and I get called scrub because I’m doing double sweep? Hahahahahahahahahha I just kept laughing

“Dear idiot scrub. Gouken has requested that you stop running into his bitch slap. That is all.”