Your Ramen Experience

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a project for school and the goal is to Design a Better Ramen Experience. In case you aren’t sure,

The first part of my project is to collect data (i.e. interview/survey people), and what better place to ask than GTP?! The kind of data I’m collecting is your thoughts and experiences of ramen, good or bad, instant or “real” noodles, at home or at a noodle house. To get a better feeling about what I’m trying to extract from you guys, think about these questions:

“What you enjoy about ramen, what it’s like in a restaurant that serves ramen noodles, how is it different from having instant at home? Would you pick convenience over authenticity? What about the feelings you have inside; any backstories you have with noodles? Do you go for a specific brand when going instant noodles? Bowl, Cup or packaged in wrapper? Buy as individual or in boxes? did you drink the soup? When you made your instant noodles, do you put in the spicy flavouring? Have you ever put in too much before and what was that like?”

First thing I’m going to ask is your name (surname is not necessary), doesn’t have to be your real name, just a name I can refer to when showing off my process work to my instructor.

Now, I’m going to ask the following questions/fill in the blanks. Please fill it all out (to the best of your memory, specific dates/numbers aren’t required; ballpark values will suffice :slight_smile:

Name (just your first name will do):

The first time I had ramen was:

It always reminds me of:

The last time I ate Ramen was:

Who introduced you to Ramen noodles?

How often do you have it?

Pick only ONE from the following 7 questions and please answer the rest of the questions based on this given situation. You can totally share a story or two at this point while answering the questions. Tell me about:
1)the last time you got to experience what it was like in a Ramen-serving restaurant.
2)the last time you picked instant noodles over something else you could have had at the time. (and what was it you picked the noodles over?)
3)the last time you had an awful serving of noodles. (can be authentic or instant)
4)the last time you ate noodles by yourself. (at a restaurant? at home? in a rush? or eating leisurely?)
5)the last time you had ramen with a group of people (friends, family, maybe even strangers at a food court or something).
6)the last time you had ramen very frequently, possibly 2-3 times a day. Is that normal for you?
7)some other ramen experience not mentioned above. Give me a brief backstory of it.

When you have chosen one of the questions, please answer the following:
-Who were you with?
-Where did this happen?
-When was it?
-What was the experience like for you? and Why?
-What were some feelings you might’ve had during the experience?

What do you like about Ramen/Instant? What don’t you like? If you could change one thing about ramen, could be the noodles themsleves, how you eat it, or some other kind of experience, what would it be?

Don’t worry, none of your information is going to be sold to 3rd parties or whatever, I’m only trying to understand what others feel about ramen noodles.

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this, folks. This is very much appreciated and I look forward to reading your responses!