Your ideal version of Ultra street fighter 4?

like many prestreetfighter 4 fighting game players I find myself not enjoying the sf4 series as much as some good ol 3rd strike and super turbo, however I do think the game is good but has some silly mechanics that keep me from enjoying it too much. post your ideal changes to sf4 that would make it perfect in your eyes, both realistic changes that might happen and not so realistic.

mine are:

  1. try not to make w ultra broken, I would make it so you need a full ultra gauge rather then half to use an ultra in w mode. in addition the ultra damage is set to minimum ie half gauge full.
  2. add a roll somewhat similar to xtekken at the cost of one bar of meter, make it punishable. I think this would really help the on rails crossup fest the game turns into after a knockdown.
  3. change how damage scaling works so it goes by move used rather then number of hits. this will balance some silly stuff like how gens kicks scale. imo damage scaling in sf4 is pretty ridiculous and rewards you for doing simple combos. i’d reduce the amount damage scales overall however ultras should continue to scale heavily.
  4. I like the red focus attack so long as it isn’t broken.
  5. buff supers universally. there are simply too many better uses of meter to use them. I think having them receive no damage scaling would be a decent buff.
  6. actually remove all unblockables/hard to blockables.
  7. severely limit/remove option selects, they take away from the competitiveness of a game as rather then reading your opponent you get a guaranteed situation.
  8. buff and nerf characters well, don’t go overboard on either, try to make the game less matchup based as well. I think the new mechanics will help this.
  9. remove/limit shortcuts. they are not necessary, the lax input leniency is enough for casuals all it does is make uppercuts and supers free and mess up inputs ( walk up mk srk anybody)
  10. nerf wakeup srks slightly, they are too powerful of a tool on wakeup possibly make it like 3s where low attacks can stub most uppercuts.
  11. nerf tick throws, they are easy free damage. not sure how to do this, perhaps a slight delay after recovering from blockstun before either person can throw. ( command grabs not affected)
  12. remove/ reduce damage scaling on a stunned opponent it’s hard to stun someone in sf4, make it worthwhile.
  13. fix the input lag on ps3 and perhaps maybe make the game ever so slightly faster.
  14. fix issues where attacks clip though the body, this is an issue with 3d models and makes the range on may attacks wonky. vega claw attacks especially standing hp clip all the time.
  15. fix the netcode, it isn’t terrible but mainly the failed to connect bs needs to be addressed.

I think with these changes would make me really love sf4, tell me what you think of my ideas and share your own.

just do everything described in this mod:

lol thank’s igloo. I feel you might feel different for the individual character changes but yeah I figured most people would like the universal changes.

i’m liking most of the stuff except the throw buffs. never been a big fan of throws.

Bugs fixed, a couple of tweaks in terms of balance (only very small changes), GGPO like in Skullgirls, crouch tech removed, cutting down the roster to 25 characters, displayable frame data, hitboxes/hurtboxes etc. in training mode, couple of new costumes, classic sountracks, challenges updated to latest version and a couple of other small things.

All the shit they announced so far including the new characters are superfluous bullshit in my opinion.

Please discuss balance changes you would like to see for Ultra here: