Your Friendly Neighborhood Mod Needs Our Help For His Family. Answer The Call

Hello, everyone.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, our mod @Pertho is in a bind. His newly minted family is in a pinch and, as one of the best forums I’ve ever participated in, SRK has always heeded the call.

Please go to this and help Pertho out of a jam.

Every little bit helps and if we work together we’ll crush this goal.

If some of you unnamed posters can give Inafune $10,000, you can help a fellow brother out.

Who knows, he might let you escape a ban or two for your troubles.

At the moment @toddler316 is the highest donator.

Don’t let this white supremacist show us minorities up.

Dont think i can accurately explain how much i sidnt want this on srk.


Showing you that PR love brotha!!!

If I win the lottery today, I got you man.

yeah Pertho definitely didn’t want it here but that asshole ain’t gonna do shit about it so fuck him.

If you delete this, btw, I’m gonna tell Preppy.

That is a cute baby. You already know that child takes after the mother.

How many months is that kid again?

About to be to be 3 months. Still cries less than half the squiggas in GD.:lol:

Almost to goal!

Thanks for everyone who participated. I usually hate breaking my asshole character but I also hate seeing someone who is part of GD struggle to get by.

Except, Shadow Ace. Fuck that guy.

Shit I just shelled out a grip on this bathroom AND I can pass for puerto rican, where the fuck is my money at?

Baby lookin’ like it just read one of Jimmy1200’s posts. :rofl:

Cute kid, man.


Damn bruh…I’m tryna buy like 4 pairs of Jordan’s this saturday. Will donate later tonight to help out La Causa.

donated. know this money came from weaboo and suicidegirls tears.

Good looking out fam. Gonna keep that one vid under wraps still.

On a more serious note, i am incredibly thankful foe the donations and not something i am gonna take for granted.

Raise. :tup:

I’ll take donations made out of spite.:rofl:

Goddamn I was about to donate but when i refreshed the gofundme page, @Preppy over here just FINEST K.O’d the damn Goal. :annoyed:

Hahaha yeah 2 K B O Y S

Had some people ask me to keep it open over the weekend. Doesnt really make me all tha comfortable i am not saying no to anything.

Preppy on that GOD STATUS. #blessed

Gave a little bit in the name of brown peoples.