Your Favorite TvC Character(s) (Backstory!)

This is not a team Synergy thread, but more of an individual question to the users of the forums. What characters initially attracted you to them, what reason did you pick them.

This is more of an individual questionnaire, not a team one.

For me, the moment I heard that Viewtiful Joe was going to be in the game, then I was really sold. I really liked the V.Joe games and was really anticipating stuff. Then I realized that Mach Speed was glitched and had to change up a little…(Ryu) hahaha.

For my second choice I picked Morrigan immediately, because in match videos I saw that she had a similar moveset I was used to (dragon punches, fireball) but also had a cool command grab (my roommate used to get so pissed when I grabbed him with it). :wgrin:

Then I finally switched to Gold Lightan because after playing with him once I absolutely LOVED his moveset and mind games. But since I liked my original characters so much, I adopted a dual mindset and trained with both.

I want to try out PTX next, but my arcade needs to reopen first. :lol:

So go ahead and tell me your individual character picks and story.

Well when TvC came out I was all like “oh man I don’t know any of these characters but I want to.” so I went on wikipedia and looked them up.

In terms of story, the first character I was drawn to was Yatterman. This was back before karas had been revealed. I thought Yatterman seemed fun and cool. When Karas was revealed everyone was making a big deal about it, so I had to go and look him up too and I immediately decided I liked him for his stylish moves and imposing figure.

Then I saw PTX and thought that it was such a random inclusion that I couldn’t pass giving such an unorthodox character a try. So when I finally got the game I chose Yatterman first, then mucked about with V.Joe and Karas before finally moving on to my main, PTX.

From a storyline perspective, Yatterman is still my favourite, but not myfavourite character to play as.

One day, while walking the streets of Manhattan, Alex had a seizure and collapsed. When he came to, he only saw Tom and Patricia looking down at him.
Calling out to them, he only managed to say “zsdfsdlxchgm”. Apparently he had lost the capacity to speak English or any other kind of intelligible language.
Later he heard a giant ball with tendrils was taking over the world. Hearing that the giant ball might have the power to restore his lost brain cells and recover his ability to speak English, he enters the fray.

Ace GoodHeart. G-Force aka the Gatchaman aka Jason aka Ken the Eagle.

If Ace/V.Joe/MM Trigger/Batsu wasn’t in the game the 1st time it was released I wouldnt have cared to play to tell you the truth. But now that Tekkaman Blade, Dirk Daring, Frank West, and My fav on the roster Zero the man himself is in. I will be playing the hell out of this game.

I already fell in love in this game the moment Gatchaman was in it. The others were icing in the cake.

Oh and according to Gamestop Chun Li fell in love with Ken but Jun doesn’t want that.

got into this game at EVO seeing fukin lightan, ptx, ippatsuman’s robot thing, and other crazy shit.

as for chars:

umm, Karas is sick.

Tekkaman Blade is repulsive.

The music/themes make the game for me. As far as characters I have vague memories of most of the Tatsunoko side. I mean other then Speed Racer, Yatterman, and the G-Force characters. I’m suprised a lot of people are aware of them because I’m almost pushing 30 and I know some of you are young.

Capcom side. Ryu, Chun, Batsu, Roll, Megaman, Morrgs, etcyea yea yea I know them. I had no clue who Soki or Saki was. Saki was an assist in MvC1 correct? You’d think she’d have a better assist then.

Inform me on who Saki excatly is please. Thanks. =D

Saki is some girl from an obscure dating/trivia game called Quiz Nanario dreams.

I don’t even know if she was a leading character or anything like that, but I guess the developers just thought she was cool enough to warrent an expansion. I’m not complaining. I would like to see her in her own action game some day.

Interesting. Did a little research she seems to be the only one in the game with a… gun? Yea, little strange.

Says she is a part of Earth Defense Force too. Though i think Earth Defense Force 2017 isn’t the same thing. Could be wrong.

Anyway, she’s cool. I think she got one of the coolest looking counters in the game. And she plays a great keep away.

The first team that caught my eye was Karas/Casshern, solely based off of how bad ass I thought they looked. After playing around with the team I became bored with it, more so with Karas then Casshern.

I was playing with a friend of mine who initially wanted to use Saki. The more he used her the more he thought she was a poor character, I felt that she had potential to be really great. To sort of prove my point I took her to training mode on my free time and started to develop some strats and combos with her. After mismatching different assist choices to maximize her potential I came to the conclusion that Tekkaman, Megaman, Chun and Ryu were your best bets to maximize Saki’s efficiency. After fooling around with these guys more I found that I really liked the way Saki meshed with Tekkaman. I eventually fell in love with that team and haven’t really looked back.

Saki is in QND to appeal to the girls with guns crowd of course.

i’m a ‘girls with guns’ kinda guy. hell, i played about 30 hours of FPS in the past week. Buuuuut, Saki never interested me much. If she was as fast as Karas and shot faster then MegaMan then she would appeal to me, but obviously baroque.

Saki was broke as fuck in the last game, no bullshit. If she was fast on top of the retarded zoning stuff she could already do, there would just be no reason to play the game.


lol, I guess I should explain that a little bit. Saki had such godlike zoning ability that it was not even fun to play against her. I play against Heartnana as my main comp here because he lives in the same town as me, and he used saki for a while before switching to morrigan/rock because saki was a brick wall. He played Saki/Chun at first, and while his chun was definitely a pain, the saki just became unstoppable after a while. She looks slow, but she can control space so efficiently, that it doesn’t matter. Couple that with the counter super as a “fuck you” to whoever manages to get in on you, and both a command throw that you can combo off of, and an unblockable full screen projectile that you can combo off of (don’t even get me started on saki/tekkaman), against anyone who blocks.

Essentially, I’m the kind of person who really enjoys figuring things out and getting better. I really liked playing against good Karas pressure in the arcade and trying to figure out what my options were against it, but playing against Saki was absolutely no fun. Her zoning and pressure are just so airtight that it sucked the joy out of the game for me. This wasn’t over just one session or anything, either. This was probably over the course of a few weeks, if not more than a month, I don’t rememebr exactly.

Yeah Saki is ridiculous in CGH. This is one of the reasons it seems so strange that she’s getting these buffs.

ITT someone who never played SF2 or Marvel.

Obviously since you couldn’t beat Saki’s zoning she was the cheapest, most broken character in the game.
In TvC.

You want me to write about why I use a 5-7 years old little girl with a broom? Sounds like something I could do.

Being Roll my main character in the game, I have to say that I have always liked her character (saying this while having in mind not only fighting games, Megaman games are a big reason for this) as the innocent little sister that is somewhat of a coward and a comic relief in a cute way. When she was announced in the game was a really surprise for me, I never thought that Capcom would give Roll more attention outside of the MM games and even less in fighting games after what happened in MvC2 (she, having own tier, joke character, etc. But fuck that, even I use her for friendly matches for fun in a lot of ocassions), and this time with a Broom and a bucket of water, which is a cute touch for her character and also because it follows, somewhow, the real games where she always cleans the lab. of Dr.Light with these implements. After a few gameplay videos I just couldn’t resist say “D’aaawww” when I saw her, and knowing that she is not a joke character anymore just added mor reasons for me to play her once again after MvC for years, she also is motherfucking little Roll, what more you need to know man?

As for Casshern being my second fav character of the game, the guy is pretty damn cool, the first time that I saw him was when I was 5 years old on TV, his show was aired around here around late 80’s, I think he was the reason that got me into mechas and that kind of robot-esque worlds, I also saw his horrible movie years ago which was too overdone with bad acting. When i saw him in TvC it was too nice, knowing that I would use him was the shit and when I realized that he was one of the best partners for Roll was even better, he also is a crazy guy in a mecha suit that hunts robots while doing Kamen Raider positions, that shit is hilariously good.

Roll can destroys Solar systems with her Broom and Cashern is a bro.

There is also Ken the Eagle and Jun, I watched the G-force and I remember those guys being really cool, same goes for Doronjo and Yatterman, there is also Volnutt aka Trigger who is one of my favorite incarnations of Megaman for his games, Morrigan and Chun li are likeable female characters, the Giant Waffle and everyone else are nice too.

no matter how good saki is with all those things, it’s gonna depend on the player’s skills to fully utilize it, not to mention know how to defeat his opponents as well. Also, I’ve never seen anyone from Tatsunoko before getting interested in TvC besides Ken/Jun (I think G-Force used to be on cartoon network for a bit a rly long time ago). When I get the game, I’ll mess with everyone, but LEASTLY (by that, I mean like, 5minutes in training mode): Jun, Rock, Roll, Alex, Yatterman, Batsu, Morrigan, Saki, Joe, Frank, PTX, and Lightan. Not that I will never be beat by those characters, but their playing style, from what i’ve seen so far, just doesn’t appeal to me.

Frank West- His wacky playstyle and casual personality really appeal to me. I also loved Dead Rising.

Viewtiful Joe- Fan of his games and he’s an hilarious character in general.

Saki- I have a gun-girl fetish and I like her playstyle.

Joe the Condor- I like guns once again, and I like his general playstyle and appearance.