Your Favorite Ending Of A Charecter In Cvs2

:karate: Well everyone in this section who reads daily name your favorite charecter ending which one was your favorite or charecter’s moves of the character’s in cvs2 or there supers you don’t have to pick this game it can be any game they’ve been in all right folks.

P.S. I any game is allowed so you choose which one you like them in or ending bye. :clap:

Why doesn’t no one get my shit when i type it. All I’m sayin is what is your guys favorite ending of any of the characters that are in cvs2 it can be a past game or this game just pick a game you like someone’s ending. a character from cvs2. It’s your opinion

It’s not that people don’t get your shit, it’s that people don’t care. Character endings are hardly considered “general strategy” anyway… and in a dream match game like CVS2, they are pretty much nonexistant.

Mai’s because her titties bounce.

i liek ryu’s endign cuzz he gets marryed too chunn lee :encore: :encore: :encore: :encore: :encore: :encore: :encore:


wtf there are endings in cvs2?