Your favorite car

your fav car?

Everyone has a life chief.

Mines probably better than yours though.

I want a Mini Cooper S

Fantasy: Flux Capacitor’d DeLorean

Out of reach: Chrysler ME 412.

Saving for: Scion tC w/ random extras.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 MR :drool:

Infiniti G35

geo metro murdered out wit gold daytons

Mazda RX-7, saving up for it now. Gotta love me teh rotary.

And my 240SX of course.

honda fcx

KIT from knight rider

Mine is what I have right now. Lexus GS450h.

99 skyline gt-r r34

911 Turbo

Hell yeah.

A Dodge Viper GTS

My pos 86 Corolla


lotus espirit

awww that mine to >.<

sti with stage 3