Your easiest/luckiest/beast win ever

I thought I should make a thread about this so people can share there best wins since UMVC3 dropped. I just got a beast win on this kid who snapped in my Phoenix but the joke was on him because he called in an assist, got a happy birthday, then took out his Wesker with a near perfect. Of course there had to be a salty message at the end but I knew I had an amazing win!

ss or it didn’t happen


I went up against a team of Grappler/slow characters, I used Ghost Rider’s jumping S The whole time…


Not my best or luckiest but my happiest. I’m playing someone who’s doing the typical “only works online, offline it’d get the shit punished out of it” kind of crap. He kills Chris and Strider with Vergil teleports and Sent drones so it’s Spencer Versus Vergil/Taskmaster/Sentinel. He calls sent and I slam him with a Bionic arm>Xfactor>Bionic arm and kill them both. Task comes in mighty swinging and mashing H like there’s a prize for it. One grapple into a combo later and he’s finished. I wish online was better so I wouldn’t lose to these people.

Killed only from Nova grab.

airgrab in the beginning, airgrab reset after supernova.

Aegis mirror setup.

Airgrab incoming character !

Airgrab again.

Airgrab combo dropped ! Airgrab reset !!!

Airgrab all the way !

perfect from this.

^^ Airgrabbin` like a boss.

So I was losing like an idiot because I have no blocking technique or skill at all and I got Hulk and Sentinel happy birthday’d by some tryhard C.Viper.

But I had WESKER on Anchor and I XFACTOR’D and I spammed B C S and won.

This was back in Vanilla. There I was, left with nothing but anchor Super-Skrull. My opponent was down to anchor Akuma with about 20% life left in XF3; my XF had already run out. He was comboing the shit out of me and tossed me up in the air for a beam super. I thought for sure I was finished… but I was just barely too high and flipped out of it! I landed behind him and Meteor Smash > Inferno’d his unlucky ass.

Then he switched to a beam-spamming team and ragequit when I beat that too.

hahaha, that tryhard viper player must be salty as fuck.

Went to kill a Dante anchor with the Hoodlum Reset. He activates XF3 in between the reset to change his trajectory. Ends up double jumping right back into it FTL.

I means screenshot or didnt happen

I just had this happen to me earlier

Dark Arthur vs. Dark Phoenix, I go to Goddess Bracelet but he teleports so fast I get crossed up and Golden Armor…right through his normal and kill him with a magic series.

I was playing tron against a feather spam DP in vanilla. I hit her with a beacon bomb, taunted, then xfactor canceled before finishing her off

no it actually happened

I’ve said this somewhere else… but my Doom (magic pixel, 5 bars) vs. Wesker (little over 1/3 health, 3 bars). Full screen, neither has X-Factor… he goes Maximum Wesker on me, didn’t know what to do so once I saw the super freeze I level 3’d… let’s just say dood had a Doom of a Time :]

Probably this from back in regular Marvel 3.

I have several teams pre-programmed. One of which is my training dummy team (Magneto-Storm-Sentinel) as it’s a relatively common team and it presents a decent size spectrum for combo practice. During a session of ranked grinding I accidentally select the training dummy team (have never played Magneto or Storm). Still manage to win. Wasn’t even especially close.

It was down to the last character. I was Ghost Rider, and the opponent was Doom. Both of us were down to our last character/pixel.
I decided to do a desperate fullscreen Bike Hyper. Doom superjumps straight up, so I press Y to jump the bike, and it tags Doom in the foot for the KO.

I was playing Firebrand/Frank West/Ammy and he had Hulk/Sent/Akuma (a pretty good team IMO). I popped x-factor to kill Hulk, but I dropped the combo and I called Ammy like a dumbass, I got H’ed and happy birthday’ed. Both of them died. I was left with lvl 1 Frank West with no x-factor and like 3-4 meters.

I opened up Sentinel and killed him in 2 combos. I was able to open up Hulk and I killed him in like 3-4 combos. I had lvl. 3 Frank against a lvl 3 x-factor akuma. He did a beam hyper, I got hit by it, damn near died, got up, reversal Survival techniques, it hit him. He did a beam hyper again, I rolled through it, combo, dead. Godlike. I WAS SO LUCKY.