You only have 1 match

What goes through your mind about the fight? (strategies, worries, etc) Just asking for other people’s insight on this situation…Also should you play every matchup with the same mindset of the “one match” situation? Is your opponent’s hit confirm abilities your top concern? Thanks in advance for your replies…looking to play more disciplined :slight_smile:

I thought this thread was gonna be like “You have 1 more match of 3S to play in your life, what do you do?”

My answer is still the same, and is my answer to a lot of things in life: Pick Akuma, spam tatsu.

light the candle!

don’t think.


i think that ive heard an answer like this before…overthinking causes hesitation or something like that…i need to meditate…lol thanks for the replies

or do the thinking before.


Well, it would beat the need for conditioning in training mode. Then again, you have to learn the material before you could do the thinking. I may have gotten ahead of myself.

Don’t listen to Tebbo, he only plays east coast style. I play all of them. Listen to me.

lol no you don’t.

dander is a dyed in wool west coast punk. knows nothing of east coast anything.

Holy Shit I’m in Japan?

if the Ken player picks SA1 I try to guess how many wakeup shoryukens I’m gonna get over the course of the next one minute

Why do you guys want your 1:last game to be Online…

Fuck the dye shit, I soak my swag in color treated blood. You haven’t seen shit until you see the color black coagulate. Now that’s some shit.

Also, yes I do play in every style. Just not all the time and not in any particular order.

haha, SWeatrAGs.

I play every match like I’ve got the Konami code on my side. Otherwise I spazz out and pray to god I finally connect with the move I’m been spamming since round 2.

(SF3 forum duke, you better cancel that move)

Got to Round 2, no… past Round 2 like that?

(Emphy rolling over in his grave, but he moves between planes into Zaibatsu type games there, word to MarkMan Yuliho whorulio. ShadolraulJulia)

I think I start every round with crouching mp

don’t think, just hit crouching mp. probably safe. that’s turning into a habit.

so you guys dont feel out your opponents? is it mostly about what you’re going to do instead? what are the pros and cons of looking at the match either way? (feeling out your opponent to see what he does vs “I’m going in to put my gameplan in effect”)