You need twitter to chat in the EVO stream?

I was checking out the evo stream today to see what the site looked like and it seems you need a twitter account to be able to chat. Am I missing something or is that how it works?

Solution --> Open a twitter account

I think you can also use facebook or sumthin. That’s what I tend to use. What’s the stream playing on? ustream?

Yeah I saw mad wack I don’t want to join twitter but it doesn’t matter so many people will be watching the stream that chatting will be kinda pointless

I already signed up! I wanted to go this year but oh well time to watch ppl lose money to daigo vs justin matches online again haha

no you don’t. (duh)
just click on the IRC icon here: Evo 2010 Live Broadcast

Just disable the chat -_- Have we not learned anything from the last couple years?

“omgggg when doess diaggo fight? ?!@”

“dude kennn is so OP”

“is [player] still in???”


So will the evo commentators be looking at the IRC chat or the stupid twitter/facebook stickam chat?

I talk on it using Twitter, so it can spam my Facebook and MySpace with statuses :slight_smile: Haven’t used MS in 3 years but I can spam statuses and annoy those “e-famous people”.

Oh and the amount of Daigo Fan Boys was bad. The amount of Justin Wong Fan Boys was like x10 worse.

Wong loses a round

Fan Boy #3: HE IS A GOD!

There’s a reason on why they’re using Twitter and/or IRC. They are trying to reduce lag. Imagine them using stickam chat server? The broadcast will be TERRIBLE as fuck. Yea, it was lagging time to time. But, overall, it was way better than last year EVO. I couldn’t even catch a good match from noon till midnight cause of the lag. This year, I manage to see good battles.

Why does it matter if they’re using twitter as their chat log. Just watch the damn battle and/or get your ass to Vegas.

i don’t much care to spam my twitter with dumb comments (which is all i will be making, cos that’s how i roll) so i’ve been using the irc instead

just as dumb, but twice as fast and less likely to be seen by friends and loved ones!

why make a twitter just for that though? irc or just watch imo

with all the people joking around in there you’re bound to laugh at something

I think you need to be on the twitter chat to win the Gold TE stick.