"You Know NOTHING of Strength!" -- BANE General Discussion

LET’S DO THIS! I am *pumped *for Gotham’s Reckoning

I’m not sure what notations people are settling in, so I am going for SFesque notations since we’re on SRK afterall…

L = Light
M = Medium
H = Heavy
P = power/trait/gimmic (lol)
Mb = meter burn, OR just EX-body press, EX-charge, etc…

Reserved for combos & grab resets

Maybe some videos here

Is it just me, or does Bane get very little love?

im really liking bane so far. i feel like hes a grappler who really relies on momentum. you pressure your opponent with a safe block string like down 1 xx double punch. train them to block that and get them with command grab. with venom he can easily get 30%- 50 percent combos along with armored properties on his specials. his down back 1 air grab is awesome anti air in my opinion one of the best. just be careful with the debuffs of his trait.

great link to get started on some bat-breaking

What exactly are his command grab inputs? I don’t understand them at all so I never use them. Just pure Venom and armor abuse, all day erryday.

Yup, I think he’s a little more difficult to use over everybody else that’s “big” in the game.

D,B,F+Heavy is the body press/backbreaker
D,B+Light is the air grab

ya, I tried picking up bane when the game came out, I lasted about 2 hours before I gave up… Tom Brady assures people that Bane is good so take comfort that if Bane doesn’t seem good so far, odds are that you might be missing something.

The number 1 thing that turns me off about Bane is that nearly ALL of his knock downs either space the opponent half to nearly full screen or he has little to no frame advantage to put on and kind of pressure.

In the second category we have Shoulder Tackle and his Command Grab
after either of these specials, it seems like the best option is to use the venom and go for an armored special in hopes of blowing through normals :-/

I think he’s good, just takes some work to reap the benefits.

I just put this video together, hopefully people will approach Bane beyond a combo machine (he isn’t).


So, I know the shoulder charge with venom gets a hit of armor, what happens to the other moves?

Other moves get armor as well. With x2 Venom some of his command normals get it too

I believe only his f.M gets armor at 3 stacks. Otherwise it’s just his special moves.

his shoulder tackles seem to be invincible to fireballs when fully stacked with venom

Specials take 1 point of armor per stack so it’s up to 3. You can charge through Deathstroke’s gatling with it. His F+M is also armored up with 3 stacks as well.

I think bane really sucks.

All bane is a quicker overhead opener and he would be epic.

Having trouble with the Aquaman matchup. His range makes it difficult to get in.

Been playing Bane cause he’s one of my favorite villains ever and I really want to main him. I’ve been doing pretty well til tonight. Gt totally destroyed by Sinestro. He kept dropping meteors on me and restraints when I dashed. I got in a few times, be he ran, rinsed and repeated. What should I have done? I just couldn’t get in on him?