You Have no Dignity! (Counterpicking thread)

So what are some good Secondary characters for Dudley mainers? I know Dudley would disaprove but he has lots of money already and sometimes i just wanna get the “W” and GET PAID!

Here we can discuss what his worst matchups are, and what other characters have good matchups against them.

Imo some of his worst matchups are Geif, Sim (maybe Seth too) , and Chun li.

I just cant seem to get in on Sim. I wonder if Rog has an easier time due to his dash punches with super armor. maybe i could main both boxers that would be kind cool. Anyone have more info on the Rog/ Chun or Rog/Geif match up?

EDIT: I no longer fear geif.

Rog/Chun, Rog/Guile and Rog/Geif are also nightmares.

They pretty much have the same bad matchups.

Yeh I heard Rog Chun is horrible.

Maybe Akuma?

Gouken beats sim and is even with guile

for matchups where its apparent that i just can’t get in or i dont want to get in (gief, thawk, guile) I go with Dhalsim.

Two matchups that I just put the stick down when i get knocked down are Akuma and El Fuerte. With akuma especially, the dive kick mixup options really destroy me. If i dont have ex jet upper its GG and sometimes EX cross counter doesn’t come out fast enough for meaty attempts.

I would love someone to give me true experience with that matchup cuz my face is getting raped. If i dont get 3 FPs in before the mixup begins, its pretty much GG for me.

Sim beats graplers? I dont have much experence in this game but in most other fighters i play the long range types usualy beat the grappler types, so i’ll have to look into that.

Plus i find that most people dont get alot of experence in their mirror matches so that might help if i counter pic Sim with Sim. or possibly Goken like ShengLongAbuser said, if that matchup is RAPE.

Sim vs grapplers isn’t particularly lopside. I mained Sim all through Vanilla, and his Gief match up as certainly become better in Super, but one mistake and it can be curtains. T hawk I think is roughly the same. Sim vs Abel however, is a terrible match up for Sim. I’d say it is pretty much his only awful match and think it is roughly 3-7 in abel’s favor. Luckily, Dudley has a relatively even match up against Abel, so I never use Sim when I face an Abel.

I don’t particularly like to counter pick, but against certain match ups, Sim is my response when I can’t keep my focus with Dudley. I think Sim can generally handle the characters that Dudley cannot.

And to Kensanity, I also really hate the Fuerte match, but learning to back swing blow on wakeup against his meaty jump ins has really made that match up easier to handle.

  1. Pick Gief
  2. Spin stick
  3. ???
  4. Top 8