You can't reserve the new SF4 joysticks anymore

Gamestop just stopped. Why would they have so much publicity for the joysticks over the weekend, then stop allowing you to get them two days later?

Gamestop has a sick and twisted way of having fun with their customers.

Simple…just like everything else SF wise Capcom releases…it was released in limited quantities. Apparently there were only 3,000 tournament edition sticks made. Which was obviously done as a way to build hype for it as a collector’s item and probably just because they realize not everyone is going to spend that much money on a stick. Mainly SF fans with the extra dollars who will probably just re sell them on Ebay any ways.

I don’t think it’s GameStop scheming so much as the fact that there just simply weren’t that many sticks made. I’m sure GameStop might not have made it super clear that production of these sticks was SUPER limited. People have already posted on the forums that EB/Gamestop have stopped reserving the stick. Even smaller websites are already out. There’s really nothing to be surprised about once you understand that. I’m fine with a PS3 converter for my custom stick and my Hori EX 2. Screw you guys with personal ATMs/money trees.

Screw you too!

…just kidding. I saved up for mine.

I’m more pissed at Capcom than GS.

Wow. So I can’t get the Tournament Edition stick now, because my FAFSA check didnt’ come in in time?

Bullshit. I was literally going to go out today, and put it on a credit card so I could pay it off by the time SFIV comes out.

What the fuck, madmark? What the fuck?

It was said many times on the SFIV forums that the sticks were in limited supply. Snooze ya lose. Buy a custom stick. They’re obviously going to make another round of these with the sales produced so hold tight.

I think you’d be MORE pissed if they let you reserve it then told you on releaase day “Sorry, dont have any for you.”

I don’t think I could be any more pissed period, this whole escapade is rather facepalm worthy.

I’m sure CAPCOM has noticed the incredible demand for the TE stick. They will definitely drop another batch.

lol, why?

No they wont. They want these to be collectors items. They want them to be rare.

I’m sure Madcatz will release a plain version of the $80 stick later this year, but the SFIV, no.

your thread got locked in the sf4 section so you make a new one here?

they will be on ebay for sure, i’ll get a te stick one way or another.

the fact that people are getting mad at stores for taking pre orders, and selling out fast, makes me lol. It’s not gamestop, amazon’s or anyone else’s fault for selling out. Stop making excuses for waiting so long to pre order. Both gamestop and amazon has had pre order’s up for quite some time now. regular sf4 sticks are still available.

be mad at yourself.

I’m not too bent out of shape about it. I was hoping to hear reviews of the stick from SRK’ers before I picked one up. Very likely, that’ll still be an option. I’ve got two SFAC sticks that I got within the last 2 years.

Any a custom might be better for me, in any case. As long as it’s the size of a VCR, I’ll be content.

your all welcome

Well like I posted in the other thread

Play-Asia is still taking pre-orders

they more expensive than the other places, but if you have no other option



odd, I preordered mine at lunch today and reamed over and over “Are you sure you will have them!!!” Made them make phone calls (don’t know if they were bs ing) and they said for sure my stick and game will be ready on release day. Maybe Ga is different or they have a certain amount being dished to certain regions…

I pre-ordered one from them and if you think about all you’re really paying is shipping. I guess they underestimated the community’s want for a great stick I guess. They’ll make a second batch of them, if they want satisfy their customers.

So do both sticks have Sanwa parts? Or just the TE? It’s absolutely pointless to make such a limited supply so that hardcore fans who obviously want one, can’t get one. I mean, look at the price of the damn thing, surely they can’t expect everyone to commit to a pre-order which quite franky, they might not be able to afford in time. Also what about us people in Europe? Are we not getting any of this action? Personally I say it’s bull shit, they expect me to pay $180 for the stick, $80 odd dollars for shipping, plus however much we get taxed.

Deffinately bringing a quality service… Bring the arcade home they say? Yeah right. Bring it home for those who could probably afford to buy the whole arcade set up in the first place…

I’m sorry but the ignorance to blatant ammounts of fans irritates me…

How much were they on Amazon etc?