York U 2004

what up people im making this thread cuz theres alot of SF players at the campus cove and ive decided this is probably the best way to possibly start a tourny or just make it so that everyone comes at the same time…

1 more note my names Oskar, i usually play Monday Wednesday Friday from 9:30-11:30am and will come after 5pm for any challenges, also ill come any time Tuesday and Thursday,
i currently use Necro,Chun-li…

hello “oskar”

I would challenge you, but I only play Tuesdays and Thursday between 11:30am and 5:00pm.

I currently use light kick and medium punch.

aight ill be there this tuesday at like 12 or so

YellowS4 and I had a 44 win streak at YorkU with Dudley

hold that shit

:lol: That was too good. :lol:

Do all the buttons/sticks work properly at York? I wouldn’t mind coming sometime this semester to play CvS2 for a while.

Hold the phone, Chunny. I was just joking. Just trying to liven up your ailing thread here.

I WOULD come and play you tuesday at 12, but there are some minor setbacks… such as how I dont play 3S at all. So if you want, I’ll come and show you my jumping fireball Akuma, but otherwise dont mess up your tuesday schedule for me.

Some advice though… just cause there are a lot of SF players at YorkU doesnt mean any of them read SRK. You’re gonna have to send them here somehow.

yea yea i will send them to srk it will take about a week then this thread will be alive and well.
P.S i had a 33 win streak myself not to long ago at York it all depends when you go, like the scrubs appear in numbers at times then there are like the actually good players that come during othertimes, and you won’t be so fortunate.

right, like u can actually beat me

any ggxx players? I remember 1 guy, fairly good…


if its the fob
i own him =]

im coming tomorrow

dude come to York…yea you have been able to beat me at metro the arcade i dislike most next to downtown arcade…but your not that great and i will be able to beat you for sure. lemme know if you will ever make an appearance at york

If I am at “not so great” level… I dont even wanna give u a ranking.

Dude I havent heard of an arcade that u actually like, I dont like Metro sticks either, but u always say something about the hardware everytime u lose. So u like YorkU? I thought u didnt like Japanese sticks cuz I dont see u win at Orbit.

I think ur friend Garth is better than u. Does he post?

Well my buddie Jay (YellowS4) is gonna be there and we are pretty much at the same level… if u can beat him 1 outta 10 times I would call that an success, I will prolly be there next week if i am free.

haha yea it would have been fun to play at orbit…no sound no fierce punch…haha…actually i love the sit down cabs

and ps if you don’t play here don’t bother posting here its for York U not flaming homos

16+ ex counter

see I knew u dont like any arcades that u cant win at… so thats like all of them

I post wherever the fuck i want, plus i did play at York cant u read?

yur talking smack buddy, thats muhfuckin antoine and PMJ:eek:

I’m going to York U next week.
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