York Pa.Thread

I’m making this thread because i have no idea who is in the area . So pretty much if your in the area let me know whats up.

Right now the games that i see the most is tvc , mvc2 , cvs2 , hd remix

Yo what up I live in Carlisle its about 40 from York I down for some games I play everything I’m even down to host so let me know whats up

coo coo sounds good cause there damn sure aint too many heads round where im at that play.

its just me an my boi b-chan comes up from b-more to play during the weekend

sup man…we def need to play soon…whats ur number bro…i lost it

Hey, we’re running this tournament for all the EC players and would love it if any of you guys could make it down. Thanks.

DAMAGE CONTROL in Doylestown

this is in pittsburgh…right???

VashKing, if you’re asking about the tournament then no, it’s outside of Philadelphia.

I live in York…Waterford Apartments. I have pretty much everything you could ever want in fighting games - old stuff, new stuff, imports. Anything from MVS carts to TvC. I’d be interested in playing sometime.

damn that sounds good dude yo right now i aint gots a phone but i got an aim account

Relsama but ill be getting a phone like sunday

yo whats good people yo im trying to get some games in
we got 3 Tv’s )(1 is a 1080P HD TV)
3 Playstation 2
2 Dreamcast
2 wii’s (1 is american , 1 is japanese)
and one Xbox 360

although right now we dont have tvc or hdremix
As far as games go we have
mvc 2

so yo if any one is trying to get some games in pm me or hit my phone 443 465 5879
me and my homie Bchan got a spot in york its pretty close to the galleria mall

Good shit joe O on coming out last night

yeah man mos def…bchan MMMMMMMMM!

I’ll be back in the area over summer break, I’m down in atlanta right now though so keep the scene going for when I get back.
Joe O? Joe Otterbein?
I’ve been trying to find out where you/he’s been, it’s Ben :slight_smile:

yea mos def niggas is trying to get shit poppin here

Oh hey whats up ben…Hows it goin man i havent talked to you forever…I just moved to LA so i dunno how much we will be able to play but who knows by then…btw u can contact me at venture326@gmail.com

Okay so nigggas just got TVC and we have a japanese wii right now we are waiting for the stick to come , so if any one is interested in getting some games in hit me up

410 900 4534

also im looking into finding a spot for gathering and eventually tournaments because the scene up here is pretty weak , i figure seeing as we are in york im gonna try an get some of the MD(mainly baltimore ) to start coming up to enrich the scene up here.

so lets make this shit happen

rel-jins acutal number is 410 900 4535

nigga learn your number

mine is 443 204 1832 lets make it happen we got tvc 2 sticks we got mvc 2 a stick and a converter we got cvs 2 lets make it happen

anyone show up at the west manchester mall gamestop for the rd. 1 tournament?

In the summer I will be in the Mercersburg area. York ain’t that far away, and I’d totally be down for some MvC2, 3S, or some SF4. I’ll try anything else.

So what has SF4 done to the community back home? I’ll be in New freedom over the summer after the semester is over and probably taking a trip to philly to go to a UP tourney/gathering.
If you’re in Mercersburg you should hit up Tomass, he was crazy good in GuiltyGear and 3S awhile back. Joe ever coming back to PA or you still in California?