Yonkers, NY Fighting Game Scene?

Does anybody know if there’s an offline SSF4, MvC3, (or just fighting games in general) scene in Yonkers, NY or somewhere close? I’m tired dealing with Online BS so, if I’m gonna keep playing SSf4, it’s gotta be offline. Thanks.

There isn’t anything but if you want we can set one up. Me and my friend David play. Hit us up sometime and we’ll have a session. We usually have sessions at my house.We play marvel 3 and super. we even go to the next level. If anyone would like to set up a scene or have sessions in Yonkers let me know via message or email @ ecmchaos@hotmail.com

Hey man, Yonkers player here also looking for a local fighting scene. I’m big on SSF4. I play MVC3 for fun, don’t think I could ever take it serious!

If any of you guys are interested, some of the guys at the Play N Trade in Central Avenue told me that they will be holding a MvC3 tourney in early July. They usually always give some good prizes and they told me that they usually have a good 30 player turnout.

From mount vernon here. but i think PnT should be made into a weekly event or something to build up the scene

Word? My moms lives on the southside

Yo ill talk to the guy who runs PnT on central and try to make a weekly session and bi weekly tournament. If you guys are serious about building a scene in yonkers / westchester area keep posting and communicate with each other! this can be great! cibernetico i’m definitely interested about the play n trade. do you have any more information on it?

This is good info… A friend of mine, who also plays SF, lives close to that PnT and goes there often. I’ve been there a few times myself and I’m always in that area.

I actually went to the MVC3 tournament that the PnT held. About 25 people showed up but they didn’t all play. I was disappointed because it was single elimination and there were no chairs to sit on, so if you’re a stick player you have to sit on the floor and keep your head at a high angle since the TV sets are so high up

Sorry but I don’t. I went there yesterday and had asked which tournament was next on their schedule(since they always hold one every month) and was told that MvC3 is next. I forgot the date of it but I definitely know it’s early July. when I head back there on Wednesday to pick up my 360, I’ll ask some more info and will gladly post it for you. And actually, one of the guys who works there told me that one of their tournaments was mentioned in this section of SRK.

And to SadistiiK, I feel your pain. I’ve never played a tournament there and could tell right away how much of a pain in the ass it would be to play there. If you ask me, they should seriously consider consolidating the area to the left when you walk in and just put some chairs/couches and make that into something like a BYOC/system corner. Just imagine how much money they would make on people wanting to play tournaments. It would sorta remind me of the Body Shop Saturday place I sometimes attend in Philly.

and speaking of Body Shop Saturdays, if any of you are serious about leveling up, you should consider going there just to have a taste of something different if you are tired of the NY scene. I only pretty much go for the Garou stuff, but the place is pretty damn cool and has lots of good players there in AE and Marvel 3.

You could find more info on the PnT tournaments here : http://www.facebook.com/pages/PLAY-N-TRADE-Yonkers-NY/138920057785
If the link doesn’t work, just search Play N Trade Yonkers NY on facebook. They’re holding a Marvel 3 tournament on June 15th at the PnT in yonkers at 7 PM,
They also posted another Marvel 3 tournament for July 9th at 12 PM at Cross County Shopping Center at some store named CLEAR (never heard of it).
Hoping they announce a AE tournament soon!

If you want a nearby Arcade Edition tournament, you should consider heading to Fort Lee this Friday. they are holding a tournament there for AE and MvC3 and the venue seems like it’s brand new so it’s always nice to support a gaming business. And it’s only like 15-20 minutes away if you’re driving.

We can talk to the PnT owners and ask them to accomidate the store to fit a fighting game scene. I’m serious about leveling up…me and my friend dave are probably the best in yonkers/westchester area but we want to face people who are better than us. so lets get the ball rolling. ill be at this marvel 3 tournament this wednesday july 15th.

I’ll try to make it for that June 15th tournament too. If I can make it, I’ll try to talk to them about creating a scene there. If there are a good number of us requesting it, we could get something started.

I couldn’t make it to the tourney. Did anybody else go?

Haha, no. It’s July 15th, not June 15th. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s too far away!

o.O lol

Haha sorry about that typo, I feel like an idiot now!

Haha, it happens. Are they ever gonna have a SSF4/AE tournament?

They said they’re gonna announce a date “soon”. I hope they don’t take too long, I’m more interested in AE then MVC3.