Yonkers - Nathans Arcade (Streetfighter/MVC2/etc.)

This is a thread dedicated to players who reside in Yonkers, Bronx and the surrounding area. Me (Nikko) and my friend lildshadow2 (David) have been trying to find some local players to level up with and just in general find some new competition. If anyone in the surrounding area wants to go to CTF or Nathans arcade we should organize such meet ups in this thread. The Nathans arcade in Yonkers kinda sucks but its huge. Though that may or may not be true, we could possibly convince the owner to get new SSF4 cabinets. They also have a MVC2 which is pretty decent. So if any players wanna get this ball rollin’ just post in here. Hope to meet up with some of you guys. :china:

yeah, the plan is to convince them to get a LEGIT SSF4 cabinet. The SF4 one they have there blows.