"Yolo" whilst drink driving

Oh dear. That being said everyone is a ‘promising rapper’ nowadays.

YOLO is a terrible saying. Logically, it should imply caution. Unfortunately, it is the opposite.

Ummmm…Darwinism at work?

What is matter here?

He said YOLO…now if he doesnt comeback to life, then he proved it.

Everyone win!

Is this a “You laugh, you lose” thread?

If so I lost.

The irony… it is too thick… I can’t even…

So to paraphrase wise Geese Pants, “Darwinism at its finest on display.”

Good thing they didn’t hurt anyone else in their drunken joyride.

Best possible outcome of a bad situation really.

Fantastic job by a real life professional newspaper.

Let’s hope people like this only live once.


He may only live once, but I’m pretty sure all those charges (the car, the burials, the wall he hit) are gonna put his relatives in debt for more than just their lifetimes.

Maybe he drink drived to Canadia?

SoCal and canada

They meant ontario, ca right here in the inland empire

Fucking morons choosing to drink and drive. Bad decisions.

YOLO, is stupid. I thought it was really just a way of saying fuck it, and hitting up that one dirty girl by the bar that is dtf.

WHO :wtf:

I hate the YOLO term so much. It’s like the ignorant’s “carpe diem”, but in a completely stupid way. Fuck Drake

I laughed becaue this retard was drifting in a sentra. What an idiot.

It’s not Drakes fault people are stupid and Misinterpret mottoes…

Damn we lost a promising young rapper? I was looking forward to finding out creative new rhymes with bling, rims, bitches, hos, and pimp. Truly a tragic loss.

His last words were full of wisdom I will take them to heart. Got shot in face w taser? Fuckit YOLO

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actually, this guy got closer to the truth of this motto than anyone ever has.

More like You Oughtn’t Live Overzealously

Depends on how you interpret it. I’d think YOLO to that extra cinnabon in the mall or some shit, not to driving while intoxicated and still drinking with other drunks in the car with me.

No, it’s not his fault. But fuck him for making garbage ass music