Yo, you okay with growing old?

Serious. After a family reunion last week, I had this revelation: I’m about to turn 26, just got my engineering degree, accomplished nothing, dirt poor, no job. Everyone is moving on without me. Physique is going downhill. I’m panicking like a little bitch right now, couldn’t sleep for the past two days. Have you made peace with aging? Do you cope? Are you happy?

Look at what time did to this poor lady! She went from 10/10 to 6/10 in just five years! Incredibly cruel.




What’s with all these “aging” topics. Ya’ll suckas got to get your life together.

I’m 26 and I don’t give a fuck! I’m still in school, but that’s whatever since I was too poor to afford it before. Now I’m not so poor!

i began smoking crack daily, i advise you to do the same. heroin is an acceptable substitute.



I’m pretty sure you’ll be OK with an engineering degree…

People like me without a proper degree may have a reason to complain >_<, but at least I’m technically employed…

Even with a degree, there are no guarantees.

Just smoke weed and watch cartoons all day. It’s fuckin’ great!

To OP,

Ha, enjoy it cause you will be 36 before you know it. You shouldn’t have any worries though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a “broke” engineer.

im 26 and yeah I do feel it when some teenager says “Sir” but fuck it, im just gonna sit here and enjoy my little ceasar’s deep dish and then poo it all out later

I though this thread was about hustling me some pills to add tellomeres to my cellular makeup. I am dissapoint. And that woman did NOT go from a 10 to a 6. Its more of a 8.7865 to a 8.23357

Hell yeah yo, aging scares me. child support is a bitch. man I was supposed to go to college, then drop out and get a record deal, get sent to prison, and then make tracks behind bars ( not as good as before I went to jail but at least I wouldn’t be singing in my songs like a fuckboy) but then midway I decided to try and shoot for this degree in broadcasting and tele comm, and now I’m just unsure about life.

Cause I dropped out of middle school I gotta take hella prerequisites.


but in all seriousness, Aging scares me, but then again somethings about life scare me like meeting new people. so you gotta take it one day at a time

Im 33, gots me some little man titties and a fat gut. I just dont give a fuck. I look like big bird and shit. Skinny all over cept my gut and tits.

I’m not.
I’m always going to be somewhere between 12 and 16 and a half years old.

Move to Africa, they’d be happy to have some western educated engineers,

I’d avoid places like Somalia though…

Here fellas: immortality, eternal youth, strength, beauty, knowledge

You know how people say the world is going to shit all the time? Embrace it and death ain’t so bad.

He has to constantly be in school for it to mean anything. Or he can get a job as a cop if he has a spotless record and great fitness to get into and pass the academy. Then he can get fat right after.

Seriously i don’t get that. Dudes have to train hard and be in shape to get through and into the academy, then when they finish they pack on the pounds

If you are mad about your situation change it. Go job hunting. Go networking. Should have had jobs set up before graduation stupid.

Seriously people should be looking for jobs before graduating not after

Never post shit like this without the music:


Within two to three weeks, I turn 20, and I’m still a shitty driver. At this point, I just wanna work and graduate while studying to become a black belt on the side. I did feel rather old when I went to my cousin’s high school graduation last week. Aside from that, I’m still not entirely sure what could be considered as an accomplishment.

this actually is a consistent source of anxiety for me :confused: