Yo! Peeps Still Play GWED?!?

Gundam Wing Endless Duel for ignorants.
How About a meet-up place for all players? i used to be a beast with deathsyche/sandrock/wingzero.

anyone down for some games pm me

I haven’t played this in some years.

I’ll play anyone who wants to on zsnes

I use everyone but my mains are Wing/Wing Zero/Epyon

There’s still a few people who play this online I know.:wgrin:

Edit: Pm me and I can help you set up netplay if you want.

oh i know how to set up net play. any tiers around for this game?

It looks like GFaqs actually has a semi-active GWED community. Here’s an interesting post with a tier list and an assload of tips:


I love this game, I find it aged extremely well. It’s probably my favorite SNES fighter (other than SSF2). Another well made SNES fighter is the TMNT one.


That’s my info thread i started a few years and haven’t finished. There might be something useful in there for ya.

Shen Long and Epyon are most definitely top. Mercurius is very close to top. Heavy Arms is incredible at range due to being able to shoot more than all the other mechs. DS will initially seem broken but after playing you’ll see that his normals leave a lot to be desired. Vayeate is definitely bottom, but all the other mechs fair well against each other.

Honestly, I would really only play this online. Offline would make so many 100%'s and infs easier. I guess you could almost say online unbreaks the game to a certain extent because people are a lot more cautious and don’t always go for 50%+ combos due to the fear of messing up and getting punished.

On a side note, I HATE the notation that people use in this game. I guess it makes sense because of there being weapons, but I still think of things as lp hp lk hk.

would anyone recommend playing this with a standard pad or a stick? I haven’t tried it with a stick yet. I can do the Deathscythe infinite with a pad though.

Pad. Not on the SNES pad though. I personally use PSX pad :slight_smile: