Yo, fuck Daigo

Just heard about Daigo forcing an american team out of the sbo tournament so he and his little fuck boy Iyo can enter. Thats some foul shit. I knew this nigga daigo was a faggot.

If this isn’t in the right forum will a mod please move it to the correct one so we can show this nigga some hate?

Best thread.

Posting in Epic Thread.

stay free daigo

I have the same birthday as Daigo, actually… /dickriding

Daigo is pretty entertaining to watch play actually. >_>

Daigo Umehara, more like Dayglo Umehomo

Diego Umejuarez.

Can’t we all just get along? ;_;

ey fuck u

I nominate Daigo for (fighting game) player hater of the year. Hate hate hate hate hate!

^ lol Dave Chappelle ?



Nah dawg. BananaKen is just a hater LuLz.



lol What tourney was this? SBO?

Worst black person impression ever.


I could probably body Gameinn, if that counts.

I got no issues with Daigo, but all I can think of is Half Baked…

Boo this man!!!

hell yeah i love threads about fuck people :rock: