Yo...DOLLHOUSE. Watch it NOW!

Yo im watching this right now…and I dont remember Eliza being so damn FINE. Thats one fine white broad…and her legs are so aawww [/spiderman ko]

Im gonna watch the whole season regardless of how terrible the show may be just for her.

I didnt do a search either bc that shit never works for me and im lazy…anyway who else is watching??

Thanks for the reminder. Fan of Buffy and Angel (missed out on Firefly however) so I’ll give the show a shot.

i agree, she is the hawtness. i’ll give the series a chance. both for her & whedon. but mostly her.

Yea…she seriously leveled up since Buffy. She was never this fine…

This episode was ok for a pilot. But I like that this comes on after Terminator. 2 nice shows back-to-back.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Yeah I’m a biig fan of the Dushku.

I liked the show but hate that it is on Fridays, it definitely has potential although its on Fox which means barring miracles it is screwed.


Is the chick with the scars on her face…isn’t that Fred from the last few seasons of Angel?

Yes it is. Fuck them for putting scars on hot Amy Acker.

I totally forgot to watch this too, dammit. It’ll probably be on Fox’s website pretty soon, I’ll check it out then. And yes, Eliza is love.

what a crappy show but dem chicks are fine no doubt.

Joss Whedon’s series usually start off slow. Think Buffy and Angel and Firefly sorta did as well. This show kinda feels different than the shows he usually makes as well… gonna keep giving it a shot but I could see how it could turn off some people.

Also Fox + Fridays = usually canceled show.

Thanks a LOT for the reminder!! I <3 Eliza Dusku. I was like 10ft away from her at SD ComicCon 2004, IIRC

She was hot in wrong turn. Yes I saw wrong turn. No I did not like it.

whats wrong with it being on fridays?

Really? I didnt know that…I wonder why that is.

Terminator one of the best new shows in years has been moved to fridays just when it’s getting really good too:sad:

I really want to watch this show but it was put on a Friday night, which means even if it’s awesome it’ll be cancelled. Hopefully it gets a full season before it’s canned so I can download it all in one shot.

yea, i dont watch a whole lot of tv shows so im out of the loop of why friday is bad.

I think Friday night ratings are low in general because everyone goes out or watches a movie or whatever. Either way, Fox has a long, retarded history of fucking with the time slots of their shows, causing them to drop in ratings, and then they cancel the show because the ratings are bad. When I show is broadcast on Friday nights, 90% the time it ends up canceled because it’s time slot just got moved, or the network executives didn’t think enough of the show to give it a good time slot in the first place.

You remember that episode of Family Guy where Peter went through a list of all the Fox shows that had been canceled during the Family Guy “hiatus?” A lot of Friday shows in that list.



If enough people watch it then it won’t be canceled! Support the show! The Friday night time slot sucks, but the show doesn’t have to get canned.

does anyone know how the official streaming sites work in terms of ratings…i doubt ill ever be home to watch this on tv. but i will definetly support by watching the streams on fox.com