Yet another yunsung

Damn I look on this thread and everbody and their mommas are doing the contest. My shit is all ugly. I only got to render the face more than the body. Lucky all you guys reminded me or I would have forgotton. Here is mine.

Quicky Piccy

Pretty sweet pic, the coloring is looser than you usually do but you did do it pretty quick from what I understand. Good job, looking slick! Hope you take a spot in the top 3.

Nice, SMFC. I think you could’ve pushed the coloring a bit further, but were likely dampened by time. Good job.

Sweet stuff, as usual. Hope it makes you some bucks :slight_smile: I know if you had more time you would have blown everyone out of the water.

thats a completely invalid statement. he had ample time, and he chose to use it procrastinating.


Its still pleasing to look at. I can tell that its not completly done.

Thanks alot everyone. Peace.

Klak your statement is also invalid.:smiley:

how DID you get it too look like 16bit snk in game art???

I must study to reach your level. I still have troublw shading the face and what not, the nose especially.

Hi, great art, I would like to get into doing fanarts and I was wondering what program (if any) you used to color or did you do it on paper with water colors/acrylics maybe ? (sorry, I’m bad at this).

again, great art man, I like how it looks like it came from an official in-game art.