Yet another attempt to get ppl to play Tounament Fighters

if at first u dont succeed…

anyone interested in SNES Tounament Fighters casuals (or possibly a tournament) I will be avail on Fri, Dec 16 @ around 9pm via zbattle or whateverelse is more recommended (znet?). post comments/requests or pm me if u r up for the challenge.

format will be:

high-speed : 1
time: 90
stage code enabled
boss code DISABLED (none of that ratking/karai ish)
any cheap stuff u got, give it to me

matches will be recorded and promptly made available to view for those interested. hopefully the vids will be wmvs or avis.

turtle power!!:lame:

ill play u my raph was pretty fierce back in the day and the fucking shark is just as bad as the leader
him and his no frames anti air shit is invincible

I’ll play, I maybe rusty, but I don’t mind it.

thank the lowad!

yes! good, good. 2 replys so far. thats 2 more than what i had the last 3 times ive tried to hold a TF session.

ok, on the night of the event i’ll PM u guys (rusheddown, cooscoos & whoeverelse) at around 8:45pm to answer any last minute questions and to get the session situated. so polish up your skills ( uve got a week) ,dust off your pad/stick and do whateverelse is necessary to prep for the event , cus I intend to give you the most intense TF experience ever.

aslo just curious. whats the most recommended emu to play snes games online? i may have the answer b4 the next reply, but just to be safe…

~beware the bat. MAD SECTOR!!

Sounds good.

I netplay on Zsnes, but I practice on Snes9x basically. I don’t know why I do it like that, but I do. But Zsnes is probably the best for right now because of the better netplay.

By the way, my Wingnut is slowly getting back to where it was. Maybe it’ll be up to tourney form by next weekend.

tournament?! Ha! not bloodly likely.:lol:

you and rushed r the only ones that ‘signed up’ for play. if anything we can get a couple hrs. of serious play in , and rotate between players.

whats like to happen is; i’ll capture the fotage and post it up to generate some interest. THEN if enough ppl hop on the bandwagon, we can get some tourneys going.

the next TF session will be more widespead. i intend to post on several game related forums, thus increasing the chance of more entrees.

can u recommend some sites that i should post on aside from these:


late nite w/ tf

i know this is VERY last minute but, anyone whos up for tounment fighters RIGHT NOW join zbattle and look for ZTB, [game name]’ tmnt:tf anyone?’

i be available probably for the next hr so pm or zbattle.

im avail for TF play at 2pm-4pm (EST) today via zbattle so look me up if interested :karate:

if your any good i’ll concider recording matches and posting up fotage on srk. but thats gonna take about a month. still, its about catching gamers’ interest.

lets get something started. support the TF Revelation!:tup: