Yes show yourself! Vol.2 RELEASED!

yo, i was informed that i needed to create a new thread because Vol.1 reached over 500 points!!! :wink:

thank you to everyone that has kept this thread alive for years now and that have given me rep. :tup: ITS TIME FOR VOLUME 2 LETS KEEP THIS THING GOIN STRONG!!!

RULES are the exact same as Vol. 1

keep it clean ppl.

i guess i’ll repost this…are you gonna lock vol 1?

i don’t really see the drake or TI resemblance to be honest, but in general someone has to look A LOT like a person for me to call it out. last night i saw this nigga that looked like a light jamie foxx, of course i had to act ignorant and make some ray charles jokes lol

my boy got those heart shaped glasses of a broad, still kinda homo, but them shits were hilarious that night…blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol!


been meaning to post these:

This was in late October’s Tourney.

Pictured is Datrick, one of the best gamer’s in Omaha… just not that particular day.

Lost to a “new school-er”, but he won November’s tourney so meh.

Oh, wtfevoshirtftw.

^yeh, what they’re playing on is a custom made arcade cab with HD flat screen running on a xbox 360 (3 cabs are set up like this for tekken 6 and KOF) and you can play online on it too. too bad it’s like 4 minutes a token. :crybaby:

Keep in mind the timer is hacked during tourney play only.

@ the same arcade but different day, FFC (Family Fun Center) just finished moving their putt-putt golfing area from downstairs to the far upper level and changed it to this Blacklight Blast-in-Gaming-Past golfing course featuring a oversized pixel version of Mario from the first Super Mario Brothers, the first Street Fighter II cab from the 90’s (which is broken) and even a Dargon’s Lair cab (too broken) plus other random stuff. I really wanted to play that Dragon lair, too. Instead, decided to get my “If I sponsored Noob Sabbot” on. Dawknessssss…

Liked how my new NI International tee looked under the black light too.

what I drank last night?

I was kickin’ it upper border @ school.

May as well get in on the first page of this.

Will edit with more recent pictures shortly.

posted on the first page when i was 14 now im 17 wth

SatomiBlood! Trim your beard bro!

Some new shots of me at my boy Andy’s wedding.:cool:

Colin and I before the ceremony.

Chillin with Doug the Head.

Group shot of the guys.

Before someone mentions it, yes, I’m aware of the fact that I look like a young Don Cheadle. :lol:

^I see more John Legend than Cheadle son.

A recent joint

How we do it in TOKYO!

I’m a go get a little drunk…

…just a little. OK?!:rofl:

For some reason, I always imagined you were white. :lol:

“Quick honey, hide your purse. …and your vagina.”

I was wondering where your hand is. Her face answered that question. :rofl:

How the fuck are you not the hardest dude in that pic? Worst token black guy ever. It’s like you wanted to make one of those “When you see it, you will shit brix” pics but you just weren’t black enough. Sorry homey. :sad:

My beard has since been shaved off. That’s from when I was dressing like a hobo lumberjack and not shaving for 3 months. It was awesome.

lol nice.
hey this is the guy you interviewed at final round with the crazy holloween looking arcade stick. then you interviewed my gf about playing fighting games and she got a lil embarresed lol.
your a real cool guy :tup:

Haha, I have failed our community.:sad:

Don’t sweat it man. I was holding it down on the corner for all of us. It was all going perfect until I went to grab the dice and my degree fell out.

LOL that avatar matched perfectly with the post :rofl:


first page!

shoo an the mic

and passed out shoo

and my dog

^^ Luckiest dude on earth. My head rests on mildewed pillows while yours rests on a beautiful lap accompanied by an angelic smile. Plus you have a dog that knows how to use a keyboard.

There is a reason the call me “The Afro Warrior Himself”