Yes, I Still Draw

Finished a piece for my horror project at college and I thought you guys may enjoy it. All drawn in graphite and charcoal; I used a reference of Milla Jovovich, sadly she doesn’t look as sexy as I depicted her.

Heh heh… just kidding Milla Jovovich is a supreme being. A, “fifth element”, perhaps. Wow… I suck.

Anyways you may be able to see that I enjoy Silent Hill a little too much. Enjoy!




i think you’ve been playing too much silent hill, my friend. this shit is so freaky that i cant look at it for more than 5 seconds without puking (in the good way). Milla Jovovich is actually scary-looking, imo, so good choice on using her as reference.

but the quality of the charcoal is smooth and fine. how did you get the little hightlights? did you use eraser, leave those spaces out, or did you rub it with your finger? cuz honestly, its a damn good effect.

great job on lighting effects too. but the sordid subject is a little difficult to understand. maybe you could tell me giant hole in the wall and the box shes sitting on. what does this all mean? this picture is more perplexing than an ending from silent hill!


The more I looked at it the more I like it. She has a nice smile.:slight_smile:

What is that thing at the wall? Blood splatter or something?

Milla Jovulva

ZenMasterZ: For the highlights I left them out and then erased them again because I have a poor drawing posture and my hand gets all over the page and smudges everything. I got the smooth shading from kleenex and rolled up paper on it.

When I was drawing the picture I really wasn’t going for a theme so much as the effect I just got out of you which is always amusing, “What does it mean!?”. Well it means nothing.

**dAMON: ** It is Milla Jovo’s smile, cept a little wierder. The thing on the wall is just that, its simply a hole with something in it rusting or bleeding, nothing really.


Yo, yo welcome back and what a welcome back pic. At first I thought it was an actual photo but rendered. Then I remember you saying that all you used was graphite and charcoal and I was like shit, Gammon brought some fiya back with him. But, yea, this pic give me the creeps. Its sexy but scary at the same time, like Melina from MK. I’d do her, but vomit afterwards. Stick around longer than a week this time.:lol:

Well all I can say is I like to draw with charcoal and pencil. I dunno if I would want to get down with this bitch. I am afraid she would bite my face off or worse - my left nut!

About sticking around for more than a week, I’ll see what I can do, heh…

Oooh very nice! It sure does remind me of SH…lol I couldn’t play 2 at all for some reason…I keep getting scared. 3 got kinda OK until I played the part…where its all red. (hopefully that wasn’t a spoiler)

Well well if it isn’t gammon. Good charcoal drawing man. Havent played sf in a while, but I checked my pm and I’ll hit you up for some games sometime.

man thats top stuff. HOT!

PETER: get on aim tonight, byotch!

damn, that is a NICE pic, esp for a charcoal drawing. If you were trying to capture the Silent Hill-esque feel, you’ve got it down pat.

I find the girl freaky yet non-threatening… the hole in the wall, on the other hand bugs me to no end.

great stuff! :slight_smile:

Hey he still draws! Really nice pic! very abstract, like somethin outta that one museum., which name escapes me…nice smile.

i cant sleep at night ;-;

gammon + charcoal = sexy

Glad you guys are liking it! XD

Dr.Spr0cter: I have no idea what you are talking about but I assuming its a compliment! does the robot and bursts into flames