Year of the Fighter's official (says IGN!)

Good thoughts, the only comment that bugged me was this:

It really doesn’t matter whether the game is completely new or not, the more hardcore players and fighter fans are always going to have an advantage. It’s just something newbies have to learn to deal with and be able to learn from.

There’s absolutely NO WAY to give a beginner the same chances at winning than a pro on competitive games, only a retard would have thought such thing is possible.
Oh wait, I forgot we’re talking about IGN here, everything they say is made of bias and idiocy.

They’re kind of right. There are so many skills that carry over between games it’s much harder for someone new to get into them compared to say, people from this board. Nothing wrong with that though, and I don’t think anything can be done about it without destroying what most players consider fundamentals.


don’t forget they SPONSORED EVO, so they’re trying to get as many people buying their shitty subscription as possible.

Anybody could design a game that puts hardcore and casual gamers at “equal level”, but that would suck ass. I mean imagine if you spent 10,000 hours playing this hypothetical fighter and just got beat in tournament by some kid mashing buttons. (SMASH. lol jk)

The game would just suck for everyone in the long run. I think what IGN might have meant is that the game should be more about strategical depth than executional depth. I’d like to see an SF game where there were like 3 attack buttons and 1 special move button. (i.e. one button hadokens and DPs)

You CAN’T design a game that puts pros and newbs at a equal level, the pros will always have the upper hand because they have more experience and are smarter overall than somebody who has just started.

Yes but it also borrows a rule from the universal page of getting better at video games. Getting your ass kicked gets you better at the game faster. And outside of so many people with knowledge and skills and the internet already being filled to the brink with information, getting good at fighters is a lot faster then it was like ten years ago.

So even though the hardcore have an advantage, the newbies have ridiculous amounts of resources and training.

How do these morons get hired?

You’re saying Tekken is more balanced and technical than VF ?


It’s apples and oranges. VF isn’t any more balanced or technical than Tekken anymore. Tekken is its own beast and has been for awhile. Only difference is Tekken sells and people actually play it.

The only possible way would be to have a system drastically different every other fighting game system. Nowadays that also seems “nearly” impossible since there are plenty of unconventional fighting games like VO, SnR, etc…

This is great, because console gaming is number one in entertainment sales. It can only get bigger, i know everyone is wating for the hype to die down…

Tekken is very balanced now.

(P.S. VF isn’t 100% balanced y’know.)

There is one game of note (not Smash) that tried to level that playing field though.

Bushido Blade. :smokin:

You guys are reading it wrong…

They’re saying something new so it isn’t a game that the hardcore haven’t already been playing in some way, shape, or form for years. Not one where scrubs will be able to hang with pros forever, merely everyone starts off on equal footing.

SF4 was pretty much just SSF2T with focus and ultras added. EX moves have been around for quite awhile.

BlazBlue… Guilty Gear.

KOF XII… KOF(pick a year)

Tekken 6… Well, it’s quite different from early tekkens, but still similar to T5: DR with a few new inclusions, and better balance(although T5: DR was pretty good).

MvC2… Old game, re-released.

None of the upcoming fighters are something that EVERYONE will start back off on completely equal footing as noobs once again, which puts people just picking up the game at a huge disadvantage. That’s what they were getting at.

No fighting game has players on that will start on completely equal footing (Regardless of how different it may appear from any other series). Any new game will have similarities to other fighting games. It’s not the similar systems that allow better players to beat scrubs, it’s the accumulated knowledge and skill they have playing fighting games for years.

I dunno, Gleam of Force was pretty equal footing when it was first released because it was so different. And it has plenty of depth and room for competitive play. Pity that nobody plays it because it’s too different.

So basically, you can either release a fundamental fighting game that appeals to the hardcore and will frustrate new players, or you can release an original new fighter that resets the learning curve for everyone, but will repel fans of classic fighting games who want their fundamentals back. Either way it’s impossible to cater for everyone because these two groups are too different.

These are all older games that have been in the arcade for some time now…

There’s FF Dissidia.

However, how well that plays is anyone’s guess.