Yang's Teleport

Ok, newbie question with Yang…

I love his teleport. But is there any difference (other than distance) that each of Yang’s Teleport has? Is it even a teleport? I swear I get hit out of it so many times…anyone have some good specs on this? Like if I am invincible, or if I have priority right after?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks people

-The Geese

I think the only thing different about the short/forward/rh teleports is the distance. It’s also a terrible move to try to pull off… there’s no invincibility before and during much of it, and when he comes out I think he’s still vulnerable to attacks.

It has one use. If you knock someone down, it’s just another way to get up on them, especially if the opponent loves to quick rise, or it’s another way to cross up on knock down.

That’s about it. Mix it in with your other wakeup options, and use it sparingly in matches.

One extremely hard thing to pull off with it, which ive only seen executed once by like roshihikari i think, is to use it as a mix up with SA3. Like right the middle of a combo with SA3 in the corner he teleported though the opponent, while they were still getting hit by a previous move. I forget of he still comboed after the teleport but it sure is a good mixup if your an expert with SA3 in a corner.

The teleport is good for quickly covering ground and can be used to punish whiffed slow moves. Yang is only invincible between the time he disappears and the time he reappears, so distance and timing are everything. It can be used to escape corners, you can mix-up many things going into and out of the teleport… Yeah, I like it:angel:

I use the teleport to crossover sometimes. Like when I knock the people down I use lk teleport to get on one side then lk teleport back again to get on the other side then do the mantic combo. Other times I keep walking towards the guy while they’re down making it look like as if I’m gonna teleport but I really don’t and they sometimes block the wrong way so I mantis combo again.

Honestly thats about the only reason why I use teleport lol .

When you teleport, then teleport back, your not really faking anyone out by doing that, and I’m not certain, but you may even be at a frame disadvantage from the recovery from the teleport. dunno. But not safe, and isn’t a mindgame really, so not safe to use. The second thing is just…yea:sweat: You need better comp.

I don’t think theres a slow enough normal in the game that can be punished by by teleporting, and still having time to attack. Maybe supers, but thats about it. Or something that is long like Dud’s machine gun. Not really safe to use outside of a downed opponent (been stated like 3934 times) and not safe for playing mixups. Getting out the corner with a tele isn’t smart either.

Besides for covering distance on wakeup, the only other thing I use the tele for is one mixup I do with SA1, and the thing I stole from Goemon where you knock downt the opponent teleport to the opposite side, then UOH back over and hit confirm(c.lp) into mantis. Only on Chun I think.

Hmmm, I’ve punished Urien’s c.Hp, Ken’s c.Hk and some other random characters moves… It also helped me get out of a corner Aegis. Am speaking from the top of my head, so the fact I play with people, who aren’t that good (neither am I :sweat: ) might make me hit and connect moves that would otherwise be blocked or even interrupted. Will have a look at the frame data and see just how wrong I was.:wgrin:

I love his teleport. But is there any difference (other than distance) that each of Yang’s Teleport has? Is it even a teleport? I swear I get hit out of it so many times…anyone have some good specs on this? Like if I am invincible, or if I have priority right after?

this move is just like yun’s zenpou tenchin so u don’t have to do it so near to them

Kaihou has different start-up times depending on the button you use. As I said earlier, it is a teleport because you do actually pass through the opponent. It’s just that you can be hit out before you do so. Ibuki’s normal dash could also technically be called a teleport as well, even though she’s still vulnerable throughout the entire process.

And no, this is not like Yun’s Zenpou Tenshin. Zenpou Tenshin is Zenpou Tenshin for both characters, which is the flip-grab. Yun has no teleport. And no, you can’t pull Zenpou Tenshin from a distance, you need to be basically touching your opponent, closer than Yang’s maximum, non-kara, throw range.

Not really true. If you attempt a command throw right after a blocked/hit jump in, dive kick, or ticked short/jab/etc and tap forward [literally just tap it], you’ll gain extra range on the throw.

Test it out: Get point blank in training mode, jump straight up and hit the comp with a jumping forward/rh/fierce. The first time you try it, wait, then try a command throw. It doesn’t reach, right? In fact, if you tap forward and try to command throw after waiting a bit it still won’t reach.

However, if you jump up and come back down and hit with a normal, then tap forward immediately and command throw, it’ll reach. It’s very useful with jump up/in games, provided you can parry in order to actually make it a mixup, otherwise you’ll get shoryu’d every time.

That, I did not know. No wonder I can never land it. Thanks a lot.

I just tested it, and it’s easy to do, but I don’t understand how tapping forward after you hit with the normal increases the range. Is it a glitch or is it actually moving Yang forward slightly after he lands the aerial?

im a urien player that’s been up against a couple of decent yangs,

the first one was good n beat me like 70%, n didn’t use teleports,

the second one owned me, and he kept using the teleports to cross me up from a good distance away.

the twins go for dive kicks alot so naturally when they are at a “safe” distance i fire a 45degree sphere every so often to try to catch them in the air, and i also whiff s.mp to hide charges etc.

but this yang kept teleporting behind me when pulled out a sphere, so i had to finish the sphere animation AND turn around to face yang - he always had the frame advantage.

he was so good at crossing me up i was afraid to stick out a low mk poke :sad: because sometimes he’d be fast enough to teleport behind me before i could recover from the poke animation.

i think yang that knows how to use teleports well can make what appears to be a ‘safe’ distance quite dangerous!

edit: also sometimes he’d mix it up and teleport right up to me to “fake” a cross up, he sure did teleport alot!