Yangs Footsie/Defensive game

Yun and Yang both have great rushdown, although Yuns is probably superior I think Yang has some beetter tools to play defensively and control the mid screen a bit better. What do you think Yangs best tools are for footsies. A lot of the time I find myself getting beat out by other pokes like Ryus cr mp. and what not so Im just wondering what other people use. And if anyone is a really experienced Yang can you please play a few games with my online so I maybe you can tell me where im going wrong. Thank you. XBL Cherry Burster

Hit them first. Don’t trade.

This is sort of a vague post, which is why I haven’t responded to it.

Are you asking what pokes Yang uses?
cr.mk OS LP rekka
s.lk OS LP rekka
s.mp OS s.hp TC.