Yang Problems Rekkas FADC into cl.MK and cr.MK not working

Hey guys i’ve recently started maining Yang and combo wise on most characters i’m very good execution wise.
However, i’m having a 0% success rate of hitting (insert string here) Rekkas FADC cl.MK.

I’ve been trying this for around 3 to 4 days now about 6 hours a day and i’ve still not got it once. I don’t understand why it isn’t coming out as i’m using the shortcut and plinking the MK but to no avail.
Any other Yang players had trouble with this or am I just the only one?

A point to take note is you should do the heavy rekka for the 2nd one and fadc then plink st mk. Should have no problem doing it, it’s pretty simple

Seems to be working 80% of the time, thank you very much bro ^^