Yang Matchmaking

Just post your psn or xbl Id stating that you’re finding someone to play against.

I’ll play. What time are you available?

My psn is Ah_chang but I’m from Singapore. Think I’m in a different time range as you ?
I can do PC also.
Gamertag : Orochinagi

[INDENT=1]I think we need a proper-ish Yang matchmaking thread. This might as well be it.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]XBL: Its Me Yang Lee[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Region: Midwest, MO[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]I usually play mostly on weekends and at night as I have class all day Tue, Thurs. I’ve started to finally consistently incorporate a fair few mix-ups into my Yang game, which has made me a decent player. If you wish to practice, I can play;[/INDENT]
INDENT=1Yang{Main}, Ryu{Backup/Counterpick}, Evil Ryu{Original AE Main}, Ken{SSF4 Main} {Think 2-2.5k PP, although I don’t put much bearing on points}[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1](Average-Learning Stage)Akuma, Sakura {Honestly, I can play Akuma pretty [S]cheap [/S]well, but I just use him in Endless and I mostly try to style}[/INDENT]
INDENT=1Gouken, Dudley {For funzies}[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Typically unless otherwise requested I will stick with Yang most of the time.[/INDENT]

I play Yang, that is all.
GT: Her0 of Tim3
I also play Shotos, Sakura, Sagat, Yun, Guy, and Ibuki

I saw this thread forever ago and meant to make an account and post in it but I’m lazy and then today I remembered!

I play Rose, Yang, and Yun though my Yun is kind of fraudulent (and I’m starting to wonder if my Rose is too)

XBL/GFWL: Mister Spaceman

I’m in Los Angeles and was actually gonna start going to WNF as soon as my semester ends

I’m around most evenings and weekends and an occasional weekday

I share the account with my little brother, so if you send invites or messages and I don’t respond, it’s not me online.

GFWL/PSN/steam: ahchamna

looking to learn more about yang, currently on like week 1 status. I live in California, and just recently finished my quarter so looking to put in some work.

i completely forgot about this. I am still looking for a yang training partner. My psn is Devilstar22 btw.

Gamertags Koric da great and sparring account. I main guy…and I suck ass with yang. Well I, not that bad but I do keep losing. I picked him up a while ago. Invested some time I. Him…and now I don’t wanna give up on him because of said invested time. I swear I feel so empowered whenever I go back to my main! XD. I play alot…but when and how often is always changing. Just friend invite or so,etching if you want matches whenever we can cross paths.

By the way… Typing on the iPad… Makes for massive typos and autocorrect…

Well I know this thread is dead but I wouldn’t say it isn’t relevant. I wanna do some yang mirrors guys, anybody up for it on xbl? (preferably in the U.S., but I’ll at least try with anyone)

My GT on xbox is Its me Yang Lee

Anyone wanna help me with my Yang? PSN:genocidecu

I could help you out if you’re from europe

Nope Im from the us

Looking for Yang players to help give me tips on gameplay and for good fun matches.

XBL: GeseLLschaft
Psn: Geseiischaft

If you like to drink or anything come get inebriated with me as I press buttons =P

I know this thread is long dead but yh im from the uk and I main yang if anyone wants to run some my psn is dbz5596

I changed the name of the thread so its a matchmaking thread. so it should be more useful to everyone here.

Eh, might as well.

Region: Canada, Nova Scotia
PSN/LIVE: SillyPeasant
Main: Yang
Secondary: Ryu/Chun-li(just started training)

Previously played characters I may be able to provide a very basic level of match-up experience for:

Dhalsim & Yang
XBL Mark D Aardvark

East Coast. If I’m on SF4 I’m normally down to play.