YAJCIAC (Yet Another Jasens Customs Inspired Arcade Cab)

I found pictures here on SRK of an almost identical build, I decided I wanted one built. I purchased a Lindbergh panel with an Astro City layout and overlay from the Great Jasen Hicks, www.jasenscustoms.com, and found local builder Vincent to make the cab, www.arcade86.com, for me. I think it turned out great, I just picked it up this weekend and have started wiring it up. I still need to pick up a few odds and ends for it, like a black mat or piece or carpet to put under the XM2960 monitor, so it doesn’t scratch the top when I rotate it for shmups.

The cab itself was $300, panel was ~$120 shipped, Sanwa buttons and sticks were $95 I think. The reason I went this route was ease of use and parts replacement. I don’t need to source any hard to find arcade monitor parts if I don’t want to. I can set it up for HD monitor use later as well, plus I am using a PS pad hack and converters to hook up my consoles, and I have a SuperGun set up for it as well.





Very nice indeed! Just curious, how tall is it from the floor to the bottom of the control panel?

On a side note there should be a thread for all the customs built from Jasens stuff so everyone else who purchased something and did a DIY can post a few pics of their setup so others can check it out or draw inspiration.

Its how I would do a home Arcade Cab.
Pretty much a TV stand with a built in control panel.

It’s 22" from the floor to the bottom of the control panel and the panel is 4" tall, I took rough measurements from my friend’s Astro City and sent Vincent this picture for reference.


That’s really cool. Those levers are mounted hiiiigh though. That always bothers me.

Thanks, I haven’t had a chance to test them so I’ll let you know if it bothers me. I can always order the spacers from Jasen to drop the height.

I have the 3/16" spacer on my Panzer now. Still not low enough. I’m going to add a couple of washers until my Neph Ring is finished :smiley:

I updated the rough dimensions photo in case anybody wants to try building there own.

Looking good dude. Ill check it out this week.
(p.s. Gundam is better then your 70’s bot) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I did a couple of measurements, and you need a 1/4" spacer to put the stick in the standard height range.

I will remember that.

Wow! That’s awesome 'stang! Between you and @Chananigans‌ putting these panels in awesome builds I’m going to have to get motivated to build some stuff for myself!

Thanks, I couldn’t/wouldn’t have done it without your awesome panels!

Also the height of the sticks doesn’t bother me, but I will be dropping the height just for the friends I have that I know will complain about it, lol.