Yaiba:Ninja Gaiden Z-from the creator of Megaman-Now for Next Gen Consoles

Ex Capcom guru and Megaman/Dead Rising creator Keiji Inafune announced his new game Yaiba being developed by his new studio Comcept. Supposed to be a blend of "Zombies, Mechs, and Ninjas"

Have to keep an eye on this one…

does this mean soul sacrifice is already done

or is he the kind of guy who likes to juggle projects

Inafune, mechs, ninjas, and zombies.

3/4 I’m down.

After reading how Inafune wants to create a “nostalgic” game, and after seeing the trailer, I started to think maybe this will be a NES Ninja Gaiden type game.

One can only hope lol

Is this game WiiU exclusive?
Regardless it looks hot.

No system announcement yet, hopefully all 3

  1. All 4. 2-fingered head slap Jackie always forget about Vitaaaa!

Six, bitch. PC and 3DS. :stuck_out_tongue:

There you have it…it’s a NG spinoff of sorts.

If this Yaiba guy gets to Ryu in the end Ryu will murder the fuck out of him. You can’t have a sequel if Ryu gets involved.

I just exploded in my pants.

Motha-fuckin called this one. Even if/when this game bombs worse than daikatana, I’ll always have this moment to cherish

Honestly I like this idea, hunting down a prized hero of an acclaimed series? Sign me up!

Kinda disappointed. I thought it was about the anime/manga.

Oh well :frowning:

Some high res screens.











Goddamn Inafune.

Yoooooooooooooo…That graphical style…



The core staff behind the game.

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is a collaboration between Team Ninja, Comcept, and Spark Unlimited. The core staff behind Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z are:

Team Ninja
Yosuke Hayashi – Team Ninja head
Kohei Shibata – Dead or Alive 5 director
Fumihiko Yasuda – *Ninja Gaiden 3 *director
Hirohisa Kaneko – Dead or Alive team
Peter Garza – overseas producer
Naoki Tamura – Ninja Gaiden 3 level designer

Spark Unlimited
John Garcia Shelton – producer of Legendary
Toby Gard
Richard Smith – art director at Spark Unlimited
Cary Hara – technical director at Spark Unlimited
Charles Babb
John Swift

Keiji Inafune – Head of Comcept
Shinsaku Ohara – co-producer of Dead Rising 2
Masahiro Yasuma – game designer on the Mega Man: Star Force series
Shinsuke Komaki – illustrator on Mega Man Battle Network & Star Force
Nick Yu

http://www.siliconera.com/2012/09/19/whos-making-yaiba-ninja-gaiden-z-anyway/ [/details]


This guy must be from the Spider clan. Only those guys love the taste of Hayabusa’s blade

So the story is about a NG jobber who gets the Million Dollar Man treatment…and goes on an undead rampage toward Ryu Hyabusa?
I like.