Yahsticks.com Arcade Sticks, Cases, and Wiring Services


Yo dudes!

Check out my arcade stick website, where I offer casses, full custom sticks from time to time, and wiring jobs! My prices are highly competetive.

Check out this video commercial for yahsticks for more info on my cases and arcade sticks:


these look great. hope you make some screwless versions, or use some flush black wood screws. bookmarked your site.

Hey, I see you’ve done well on the site. GJ

very nice! not the website, but the product!

finish on the dark walnut in your gallery = gdlk

you should have studying at university instead of making stick here:P

Nice dude.

Good stuff Canto! Sending you an email with a couple questions.

Congrats and best of luck to you on the shop!!

Looks good!! Goodluck!

Thanks! Heads up, I just added a paypal cart thingy for super fast buying!

Site was updated, wiring section was put up and you can now purchase wiring jobs right off of the website right now! The prices are very competetive! Get to it!

Hey canto, If I get you schematics of something, can you drill some lexan for me? We can work out pricing as well.

Nice price on the padhacks. Most other shops don’t even bother with the triggers and charge ~$20 more.

Yes! We offer padhacks for $60 shipped with triggers included for no extra $$$. Dual mods (send your pcb in and we’ll dual mod it for you) for only $75 or $85, and FULL dual mod for only $100.

Nice website Canto. About time you got yourself one up … the new case designs are looking great as well. The recessed buttons look much smarter. Good luck with the sales :smile:

Hey guys, check out this video my brother and I made for the sticks/cases:


:rofl: that was great!

that commercial was pure awesomeness

unrelate tip MOOSE OC that E8400 to 4.18 SON!!!