Y: The last man thread

So the series wraps up tomorrow. Great series. Brought me to read outside the big 2. Much love for this series.

I haven’t kept up much just reading the trades but man great so far.

Interview with BKV about the end part 1
part 2


im staying out of this thread for spoiler reasons since im still back on like vol.4 or 5…but great series…sad to see it go. but its awesome.

Definitely one of the greatest series I’ve ever read.

Agent 355. :sad:

I’ll read those interviews at home tonight. The series ended hella quick. It felt like I had just gotten issue 1 yesterday. I’m gonna miss this book. Pia Guerra’s art was so good, too.

I forgot the final issue came out this week…but I finally got around to it. I don’t read many comics but this has always been one of my favorites. I’m also going to miss this series and I’m still :sad: about 355.

Thanks for the links on the interview. :tup:

No prob.

Now here an interview with Pia Guerra who’s art was amazing in this series.

And BKV about projects he’s working on now.


Fucking great series. I was actually sad when

Last Issue


Ampersand died. :frowning:

Last Issue


That Ampersand scene was powerfull.

I’m glad the last issue wasn’t all gloom and doom, like the cover suggested. Great ending.

mannn, what a finale. Amazing how much depth was put into those characters. Yorick completely changed compared to the first issue.

are they really going to make a movie of this?

I’m still pretty much a Marvel only reader, but looks like this is something worth picking up. Would i still be able to find issues in stores or should i just search online? Thanks :slight_smile:

Pick up the TRADE, BABY!

hell today I checked out vol 1 and 2 from the library:looney:

None of those back issues get reprints and most of those back issues are already sold out. Best to get the trades. And they’re cheaper, too.

i stopped reading around the time they



got to san francisco…everything just turned into 10 paragraph speech bubbles and i got kinda bored

does it pick up after that?

There’s tons of action, but it’s still pretty much always a bildungsroman/plot driven story.

The finale was amazing. Yorick’s a nut.

wow i just read the first issue out of sheer boredom.

and i just gotta say DAMN.

lucky i got a long weekend and nothin but time for the rest of the series :wink:

edit: dialogue is hilarious!

Flashback Yorick visiting Grampa @ nursing home:
Little Yorick: It’s me. Yorick.
Gramps: Yorick who?
Little Yorick: Ha ha, hilarious. … Hey how come there are so many women in here?
Gramps: 'Cause women live longer than men.
Lil Yorick: Why?
Gramps: 'Cause they suck all the goddamn life out of us.


holy hell. the climax of this story had the momentum of a bullet train. SO much madness in those last three to four issues.

vertigo pwns comics.

lol at BKV’s yorickian response to that question. i think it clearly discounts the explanation offered in #60 though.