XX Money Matches agianst Me

Maximum 10$ per person I dont like playing for big money becuase if i take the persons money ill feel kinda bad

Who Want it?:evil:

PS - I do CvS2 money matches sometimes let me know if you want that too

sure why not, 10 bucks for best 2/3

Im in

you can put me on your list

put me down for one of those cvs2 matches, and i dont mind losing more than 10 bucks so lets make it higher. not to mention we still have some xvsf to play kid.

Elven & Robot allright each one of you guys 10$

UMTHFKR dude you gotta get off my dick im not gonna rape you in cvs2 agian but ill rape you in xvsf at calpoly

3 games of cvs2, 10 bucks a game.

I’ll play you in GGXX peter for fun, why not. 10 bucks is nothing to lose. 2/3

I’ll play you in CVS2 peter for fun, why not. 10 bucks is nothing to win. 2/3

I’m down for game… 2/3 Axl vs. Slayer $5 (nigga i’m poor)

I’m hella down for this. $10 bucks, 2/3 IF it’s GGXX, not reload because Vegas don’t have #reload (belive me, I wish we did).

If #reload does come out in June for Xbox tho, then I’ll think about playin ya #reload money matches assuming I’ll feel comfortable and adjusted with #reload by Evo.


Xeno & Kugler your on

Halcyonryu :lol: sure

ack lemme change my bets. $5 for #r (axl vs. slayer), $5 for CvS2. both 2/3. :slight_smile:

lol sure

PS - Dont underestimate my avatar in CvS2:D

I’m down for 10 bucks, in XX or reload.

i’ll play ya…on CVS1…only rule… i get to choose benimaru and blanka… their glitces are top tier! …lol jk

Hmm - if I make it, put me down for First to 5 for $10 - 2/3 rounds as always. :slight_smile:

Need to play against some Axl. :slight_smile:

$10 for #R, 2/3 :smiley:

ID, Zakuta, Gasaraki you got it 10$ each of you

$10 xx
$10 #r
$10 cvs2



I barely play the game so yeah your a fucking idiot

Ill play you for 3 games 10$ each if you play me in XX 50$ 2/3 what do you say?

Marneto allright

…I thought I was the biggest shit talker in the EC and I make this thread and nobody wants to play me for money cmon its free money from the biggest scrub in EC

RedBeard heres your chance you idiot