XvSF Ranbat 3 ***3/25/06***


2 Dollar, winner take all! 11 entrants!

1st - MegamanDS - Storm/Mag/Cyke + 10 pts
2nd - Handsome Vic - Cammy/Wolv + 5 ps
3rd - Muscle Mike - Mag/Cyke + 3 pts


Muscle Mike and Rich have a rematch from last week. Rich is able to squeeze 1 win thanks to runaway Storm, but it isn’t enough and Muscle Mike wins. Rich quits the tournament after his loss, due to frustration at the sticks.

Top Player and combo extraordinaire Combofiend enters last minute. After a nail biting loss to Hellfromabove, Combo decides to withdraw to focus on CvS2 comp.

In losers, unknown FFA player Steve goes head to head against US Ranked #3 player Thomas (AsianPulse). Steve goes crazy with Juggernaut and squeezes out the set.

MegamanDS beats Vic 2/1 and sends him to losers. Vic beats Muscle Mike to fight MegamanDan again. Family Fun was closing in three minutes so Vic and Megaman played 1/1 instead of 2/3. MegamanDS wins.

Vic got so frustrated that he peed himself a little.

Absolutely NO “I’m the Juggernaut BITCH!” references were made for fear of banning.

Mike Z picked Apocalypse against Thomas, but Vic made Mike Z lose and pick someone else.

MegamanDS - 25 pts
Handsome Vic - 20 points
Thomas/Rich/Muscle Mike - 3 pts

Should be one next weekend, the night of April 1st. Dunno if I’ll be there, so it’ll be up to someone else to run.

That was quick! damn vic got excited!! haha This tournament was insane! I’m still at 3 points. Damnn! Next week we’ll see what happens. Hopefully I could get back in the game.

btw I didn’t run away during the matches. LOL! he did the running, I was doing the chasing. I got him with the inf with storm and he ran like a solider with magneto. I squeezed the win in that one. The next game was trash. It wasn’t the sticks, I just couldn’t dash…so it was the buttons. He ran away again with magneto waiting for a hypergrav launch and throw, swtiched to cyclops and corner inf. As soon as my storm came in, He ran again like a solider. So I definitely said fuck it, and let him win, since I wasn’t feeling the buttons. So in actuality, it was pointless to play. Overall It was still a nice tournament. Next week!

I wasn’t hyphy enough to play, cause my brotha Finesse wasn’t in the line up. You know how we do! wessttttttsideeeee!