XvS MvC Sfa3 tournament

Yeah I’d like to do a tourney on these 3 games any on interested?

No ST?

What 3 days?

Sorry Ment to say these three games

Also there was just a st tourney so idk I don’t think peeps would be rushing for it. If you guys DO feel like doing ANOTHER st tourney along sid ethese ones I don’t mind running it. Altho I may need a little help running the brakets.

lol, Not a problem.

So what’s the particulars? Emu, server, format, date, etc?

Well when I actually see some peeps signing up I will get a date set. the server will be gw or anti3d. emu Mame. Quaters semis and finals will be recorded.

Sign me up for xvsf!

Count me in. for the win hahaha my ccylops rules!!!

Are you always this annoying, Dark?

Yes … yes he is =/

There IS no dezmu

COunt me in for sfA3, anyone need a sparring partner b4 then?