Xtokki PS2 to 360 trigger issue

So I just recently bought an Xtokki PS2 to 360 converter, and one of the major issues I’m having is that all of the trigger buttons will only activate and stay activated if I crush them down as hard as I possibly can. Is there any kind of fix to this or is it just permaboned?

That’s just how it is with ps2 dual shocks. Ps1 controllers don’t have that issue.

Well super, that kinda makes me regret my purchase. Thanks for the info.

DS2 buttons and triggers (except L3 and R3) had analog-like sensitivity (255 steps, IIRC). That converter might just sense the triggers when they are at 100%, which does suck.

Its a flaw in the Sony Dual Shock 2 controller not the adapter.

The adapter is listed as a PS2 to 360 converter. You would think they would take into account the design of the PS2 Dualshock.

Most 3rd party PS2 pads do not have this issue, either does PS1/PS2 arcade sticks.

The issue you are getting are exclusive to Sony PS2 Dual Shock 2 gamepads.

What I’m saying is, why would you make a product that is poorly implemented for the first party controller when there was no secret to how said controller worked? I get that a major usage of the converter is most likely for sticks, but to ignore the controller the console came with seems ridiculous to me.

Both good questions. Ask the guy who made the converter or the PS2 DS controller. The probable answer is that they don’t really give a shit, as long as it works for their originally-intended purpose.

The problem is that they have to read the trigger press data and figure out at what % to trip the digital value. They probably err’d on the side of being safe and it’s really high, like 90% to make sure that you absolutely pressed it. The difficulty is that not all the PS2 controllers available report the same, thus you see the difference. With the dual shocks, they probably have a very wide mid-range and require you to crush them for full press.

Personally I would have accounted for first party usage/trip point and then tried a few popular 3rd party brands and made small adjustments.

Well when you think about it that way seeing that the Xtokki 360 supports pads, sticks and steering wheels, you probably want the widest possible range of compatibility. Meaning you have to go with the lowest common denominator when it comes to pad compatibility .
Some 3rd party PS2 controllers are just over glorified PS1 controllers with no analog control in the buttons and triggers and may not even trip if the button response if the tolerance is set too low.

Sony PS2 Dual Shocks with their shoulder buttons “broken in” works better on the Xtokki than a PS2 DualShocks in New condition.

If you bothered reading the reveiws on etokki.com about the xtokki 360 converter you see this issue was broght up by previous costomers.

"why would you make a product that is poorly implemented"
You haven’t seen the rest of the PS2 to Xbox 360 adapters on the market, haven’t you. This is the only Lag free, no drop inputs controller that does not require a wired Xbox 360 Pad Slaved to it for the security bypass.

It was said by ONE customer on like the 3rd page of comments at the end of a sentence giving it a ton of praise and a 5 star rating. Sure is my bad for missing that one.

Also, please don’t read the first half of a sentence and treat it as a complete thought. I didn’t say it was a bad converter, I said it has bad first party support, because it does. A device that calls itself a PS2 converter should accurately convert PS2 and it doesn’t. It works for sticks, yay for stick players, but it doesn’t do the one thing I bought it to do, which is a pretty big let down.

I don’t know if you have some personal vendetta against the dualshock 2 or something, but it’s pretty outrageous that you can’t understand where I’m coming from. I bought it because everyone everywhere on the internet said it was the best PS2 converter and it let me down. That’s pretty much the end of the story. This thread should really have ended after the 3rd post.

And yet you are still getting upset over the whole thing.

Look first off this is a Fighting Game Community Forum, and like any forum we have our elitist.
And the “IN” elitist thing to do is use arcade sticks not gamepads with our fighting games, so arguing and getting your panties in a bunch over a gamepad having stiff shoulder buttons is a moot point.
The Bulk of eTokki’s customer base are also people in the FGC, there opinions are going to reflect that. The Xtokki might have it flaws, but for the FGC it meets or excels in our expectations, if you don’t like it fine by us, the next adapter that shows any promise is the overpriced Cronus device, and its known for interfering with wired controllers for other players.

I am blunt but I am honest, I tell you how things are (or at least how I see it), honestly with any purchase you should really do your research, its something I do preach here at SRK TT. You failed to read reviews on eTokki . com as well as looking for reviews and comments outside the store’s site (like here at SRK TT). So in the end do not get mad at me, don’t get mad a Laugh and eTokki, get mad at yourself for being the dip shit who not just failed to read but then gets mad at the guys who is trying to help you. If you really want the thread to end, why are you still contributing to it.

I don’t have a vendetta at PS2 controllers at all, I honestly think the Dualshock 2 is one of the best controllers ever made, right behind the SNES pad and the Sega Saturn Pad.
I got huge ass strong hands (what some of us refer to as HAPP HANDS) so having stiff trigger buttons isn’t an issue to me. Every person is different, how there sensibilities lie, where the comfort zones are, how they are physically built and what they are used too. An PS2 game Pad and Xtokki adapter is not the solution for every Xbox 360 player, thats a given. You don’t like it then don’t use it, go with the Mad Catz MLG Pro pad, or get used to the (god awful) Xbox 360 gamepad or mod something your self, I don’t care pick what works for you but for god sakes stop the bitching. News Flash: you are not special enough for me to care. You think your PS2 Dualshock 2 pads have stiff R2 and L2 buttons, well its time to break them in or look elsewhere. And if that is still an issue with you then for what I care you can sell your PS2 controller and your Xbox 360 because frankly I do not give a shit.


You sure are making a lot of assumptions there. I don’t play fighters on a pad, I play on a Hit Box. You want to be elitist about how good your stick is, I can be just as elitist about how unoptimal and bad it is. Don’t even have a 360, I was just using the Xtokki as a converter to my PC. I also DID read tons of reviews. Not every single one on the Xtokki site because I saw that every single one of them was a 5 star review and they all looked like fluff bullshit that didn’t really go into the grit of the device, so I looked elsewhere. Read some posts here on SRK about it, read some things on Testyourmight, read reviews on Alstroemeric and other random blogs, and saw reviews on Youtube. And as I mentioned in my other post (that you clearly didn’t read) EVERYONE only ever said it was the best converter on the market, much like you yourself did. I didn’t find anyone complaining about any problems with it, but of course there was the one post on Etokki that I passed over because it was a 5 star review that looked like fluff bullshit, but nowhere else did I read of such an issue.

And I wouldn’t be mad at someone who is trying to help me, the guy who initially responded to me was trying to help me, you aren’t. I said this thread should have been over at the 3rd post because you’ve said nothing of value or merit since you got here, all you’ve done is argue with me because I don’t like a converter for not working for the one thing I bought it for.

And yet here you are. Still posting, still bitching at me. Go not care somewhere else if it’s that unimportant to you, you’ve been very unhelpful and quite the asshole and no one’s going to miss you.