Xmen children of the atom secret ending?

did anyone ever see an ending in xmen children of the atom, after you beat the game, you saw akuma about to execute a raging demon on magneto and gang? if so, what did you ahve to do to see this ending?

I believe you have to beat the game with Akuma and not lose any matches. It’s been a real LONG time since I played XMCoA, but that does sound a little familar. Maybe you had to end each match with a super too… can’t remember!?:confused:

I think that’s just his normal ending. “I am the master warrior!”, then he appears to teleport towards them and the screen goes white…
I think the “special” part is the credit roll, if you don’t lose any matches (maybe no rounds either?) , you don’t see the “X-March”, you instead see all the normal/boss characters dizzy one by one, and Akuma scrolls up and taunts at the end.

wait a minute…Akuma is playable in Xmen COTA?

I think that was just to get people thinking about what was going to be next, which ended up being xmen vs street fighter.

No, what was next was MSH, and that one had Anita vs Marvel characters. :wink:

Akuma was thrown into XCOTA as a hidden character just as a bonus. It was because of the popularity of his presence in the game that helped inspire Capcom to make X-Men vs SF.

Wow…over a decade late…that’s GOTTA be a record. That’s like Peter Griffin’s “Holy crap! Uhura’s BLACK?!”

Oh my god… YOU CAN TALK!

Gouken is also a hidden boss in Street Fighter 3 New Generation. He throws 2 fireball, can perform mid-air raging demon, and can perform an electric hurrican kick that sends you flying to the next stage. :rofl:

That isn’t particularly funny, and yea don’t get any ideas threadstarter, you can’t play as gouken.

I don’t know who you’re trying to joke, but Akuma IS a secret character in COTA.

if you took my joke seriously, then i apologize for insulting your inteligents as a human being. :angel:

please read what i just say to lantis. :wonder:

I know that, the only reason i brought this topic up, was because a couple days ago i was ripping vids and music from my PS1 game using this tight program I found out about, and while going through my games, I stumbled upon Xmen COTA, and while browsing through the vids, they had all the endings on there, and then I saw akuma, so i was like WTF!?!? and had to come here to see if ti was true.

it is also insulting for you too ! for not able to spell ‘intelligents’ :rofl:

Yep. Akuma was playable alright . He was in his SSF2T form & used both Wolverine and Silver Samurai voiceovers.:rofl:

First game to have his divekick too iirc.

and a Counter DP :slight_smile:

i can’t tell if this reply was mocking “inteligents”, but “intelligents” is even worse if this was meant as a serious reply

… but it was hilarious to see

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haha never was serious