Xmen Children of the Atom for PSN, XBL

Hey fellow fighters, its been a long time.
I’m sure there is an older post dedicated to this great game but I can’t find it?
I love everything about the game cota (characters, environments, SF fighting mechanics, music, etc). I played the arcade a lot way back when with my older brother (Sentinal vs Omega Red every match basically). Then 5 years back I bought the PSX port of cota ported by Acclaim, which is not a %100 conversion of the game as stated on the back of the case, lol. It suffers from slow down and I noticed alot of character frames missing (don’t even get me started with XvsSF on PSX, lol.)
Why wouldn’t they release this game in Marvel vs Capcom Origins? Cota, XvsSF, and MSHvsSF deserve to be in origins? Now the chances of getting this game remastered in online HD are slim to non.
I’m gonna give Capcom a great idea; Marvel vs Capcom Origins Chapter 2 ( games include, Xmen COTA, Xmen vs Streetfighter, and MSH vs Streetfighter).
Until then, I will play my crappy PSX port of cota, or save up enough money to buy the arcade cabinet.

You could play the arcade version on GGPO.

Ya, i’ll check that out.

Terrible idea. The game is dead on ggpo it wouldnt last a week on psnxbla

I would play with my friends, they love all this nostalgia as much as me. I don’t care if the masses play online or not. I have to play MSH with my friends because Origins is dead already.
The people who love it, will buy it.

mvc orgins is dead because you cant play in turbo mode online

Hardly anyone bought MvC:Orgins; Capcom would have to be brain-dead to make a second just to appease 10-20 people.

You have a better chance at asking for a new Mega Man than this. No more fighting game re-releases from Capcom.

Even if they wanted to, Activision owns the rights to make X-Men games, new, rereleases or otherwise.