Xin-Mo vs Cthulhu and other PCB's?

Hello guys, first time posting here after lurking for a while and reading a lot of interesting information around. I’m looking to build my first stick, and after searching on many sites, (including Lizard Lick) I haven’t found the Cthulhu board on stock anywhere. So while looking for alternatives, I found this. Great price and I think it may do the job for an 8 button stick + start/select/home.

How does it compare to the Cthulhu board in functionality, lag, ease of installation for a first time builder, etc? I did a general search and couldn’t find anything about somebody using it in their builds.

Also, are the Cthulhu boards still in production? Can I get them at any other site other than Lizard Lick? They seem to have been out of stock for a long time now.

If I posted in the wrong place, mods are free to move this thread to a proper place. I’m still getting used to the many, many sections on the forums.

By the way, happy new year everyone.


You can by the Cthulhu and other items directly from the maker of the Cthulhu Toodles at

Honestly I can’t comment on the Xin-Mo as I never used it. I have use the Cthulhu (and its off shoots), the MC Cthulhu, ChImp and the Kitty TE
To me the Cthulhu has no lag, very straight forwards to install and wire up with only getting a little difficult with what the Tech Talk calls Dual-Mods.
Dual-Mods is essentially installing a board like the Cthulhu and a Xbox 360 PCB for example PS3/Xbox 360 cross compatibility in a controller .

I am assuming you mean the Cthulhu here. Cthulhu boards (and there off shoots) are the most used board here at Tech Talk. Look harder.
Take a look at this thread,Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)Almost every arcade stick as a Cthulhu, Chimp or a kitty, with the exception of the Paewang/ Datel Pro PCB and the PS360.

There is also a whole thread on the Cthlhu by Toodles on this forum

Thanks man, I actually found that page a couple of days ago, but as it didn’t say anywhere it was the official Toodles’ shop, I found it a little suspicious, since nobody else on the internet had stock and they did. I guess I’ll be ordering directly from him then.

I meant the Xin-Mo, though. I know that the Cthulhu is basically the #1 PCB for builders :smiley:

I think I’ll be picking up a Multi Console version, for only 5 dollars more it offers me the possibility to use it on my SNES, Genesis, DC and other classic consoles if I learn to make cables for it. I’ve seen a few tutorials about it and it’s something I think I can do by myself if I get the materials and tools, and learn to solder.

The only PS3 PCB that has ever had a problem was the one in the Sega VSHG not registering a 3 (or 4?) button press.

Having said that, I’d give the Xin-Mo a miss because IIRC it does NOT have a Home button (essential for a travel stick).
Maybe get the ZD ReMatch instead.

Thanks man, I’ll take a look at it too.

Xin-Mo although works on the PS3, in my mind is better suited to PC use, awesome for emulators like ZSNES and MAME

Xin-Mo issued several revisions of their PCB for PS3/PC. One of them, carried by online shop “Dans Ta Cave”, definitely has a HOME button